Dr Z Teo

Unhappy with your body shape or desire a sharper face? Then Dr Z Teo, or Dr Z, as his patients call him, is the man to see. This aesthetic doctor is known for his body and face contouring skills which is very popular with patients at his clinic, Z Medical Aesthetics. “Most recently, I reshaped a patient’s face from round to oval and also gave her cheekbones and a higher nose bridge for her upcoming wedding,” shares the 31-year-old doctor.

Dr Z and his wife, Aivee, who is a famous dermatologist in Manila.

Dr Z became interested in aesthetics surgery three years ago when he attended a conference at the National Skin Centre. It was also there that he met his wife, Aivee, a well-known dermatologist in the Philippines. They now run a thriving aesthetics business here in Singapore as well as in Manila, where Dr Z’s patients go for more expensive and complicated surgeries like face lifts, rhinoplasty, eyebags and double eyelid surgeries, and multiple areas of liposuction.

“The standard of cosmetic surgery is very high in the Philippines due to the high demand for it, yet it only costs about half of what it does here. With the ongoing global economic recession, the cost of medical aesthetic treatments is all the more crucial now. It is a great offer when you can get the same treatment in the Philippines for half the price, with no compromise in quality,” says Dr Z. Flights, hotels, transfers and surgeries are arranged for the patients and Dr Z also personally flies up there with them to ensure that they feel comfortable and are at ease.

Patients usually fly out on Friday and the procedure is done on Saturday or Sunday. On Monday, they relax and recover, and fly back on Tuesday and visit Dr Z on Wednesday for follow-up. “Patients feel reassured that I have recommended the surgeons, and they feel more comfortable as I fly out with them when they have their treatments in the Philippines,” says Dr Z.

Dr Z and his young, friendly staff

You can feel the enthusiasm this friendly physician has for his work when you chat with him. He readily shows you before and after photos of his patients on his phone as well as the thank you messages his patients send him after their treatments. “I get a huge satisfaction when I help my patients – whether it is to boost their confidence after clearing their acne problems or helping them look prettier to save their marriages. They actually become my friends, and I hope to be able to help them throughout their life, from solving their acne now to treating their saggy skin in future,” adds Dr Z. One of the outstanding cases he’s helped includes a 65-year-old man who could not get a job because he looked too old. Dr Z administered a series of laser treatments and Botox injections and made him look 10 years younger, and he managed to get a job after that!

Dr Z believes in giving patients what they really need, that is why he does not sell packages at his clinics. “Everyone is different, not fast food, so I prefer to mix-and-match to customise a treatment programme for them. By combining treatments like chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser treatments, patients will also be able to get optimum results,” he explains. As for the future of cosmetic medicine, Dr Z shares, “There will definitely be less big surgeries and more non-invasive procedures. Everyone will also look about 10 years younger due to increased awareness of skin care and from them starting their aesthetic treatments earlier!”

Z Medical Aesthetics is at:

Orchard Paragon
290 Orchard Road, #11-04/05
Paragon Medical Suites, Singapore 238859
Tel: 6235-2343       

Jurong Point Shopping Centre
Jurong West Central 2, Jurong Point Shopping Centre
#B1A-20A, Tel: 6792-2370    

Website: http://www.z-aesthetics.com/

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