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Revivre hair products

Revivre hair products made from 80% essential oils, no wonder it smells so delicious!

Our scalp is often neglected when we wash our hair or when we do hair treatments. According to Kelvin Fong, style director at Glitz HairWorkz, over time, stress, sebum and products build up on our scalp, blocking hair follicles, which can result in problems like hair loss or dandruff in the long run. At Glitz, they use a range of products from Italy called Revivre as it is essential oils based, making it easier to penetrate the scalp.

What to expect during treatment:

Detoxifying hair treatment

Detoxifying hair treatment to purify hair follicles and nourish scalp

Kelvin first examined my scalp and deduced that it was lacks blood circulation as it is rather pale. He recommends their detoxifying treatment to help with my blood circulation as well as nourish my scalp.

This treatment involves three steps – first an essence is massaged on to my scalp to purify hair follicles, prevent hair loss and strengthen hair roots. This was left on for 10 minutes for my hair follicles to soak up its goodness. Then a nourishing shampoo applied directly to my dry hair and left on for another 10 minutes. After this, I was given a relaxing hair wash and it was hard to keep my eyes open. Lastly, a multi-function balm/conditioner was applied and left on to restore skin equilibrium, calm down sensitive scalp and moisturise my hair.

How long before results are seen:

Ta-dah! Softer tresses and I smell like a spa!

My hair immediately felt softer and my scalp felt squeaky clean and refreshed! The essential oils also left a divine scent on my hair and catching whiffs of it all day made me feel like I was at a spa.

Number of treatments required:

Depending on your hair and scalp condition, fortnightly treatments are recommended.

Suitable for:

Anyone suffering from hair loss or dandruff, or just looking to relax after a hard day’s work.

Hair salon:

Glitz HairWorkz

111 Somerset Road, #02-19/20/21

TripleOne Somerset, Singapore 238164

Duration:  60 minutes

Cost: $98

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