AHP Weekend Laser Peel Review

Aesthetician:  Dr Vanessa Phua        

Duration:  30 minutes      

Cost:  $700 per session

Location: Asia HealthPartners 

Laser Treatment – Review of AHP Weekend Laser Peel and Spectra VRM II

before treatment

Before treatment

This combination laser treatment is used to treat fine lines and pigmentation. It allows the aesthetic doctor to precisely vary the depth and effect of the laser treatment to match your skin condition and desired result. A thin layer of your skin’s surface is removed to allow younger skin to grow. After the laser treatment, your wrinkles will soften and become less noticeable, some will disappear; pigmentation will greatly improve. It can be used to treat the face, neck, chest and hands.

As this is a laser peel, it will take a few days for your skin to replace the outer layer skin. Redness is common and healing time takes about a week, depending on your treatment depth.

Laser treatment process:

pigmentation laser treatment

After cleansing the face to remove all make-up and debris, a numbing cream is applied and left for 10 minutes to allow the cream to work. Dr Vanessa Phua started with the Spectra VRM II to target pigmentation. After one round of laser treatment, she moved on to the laser peel which involved a heavy-duty looking laser machine and a smoke extractor to absorb smoke and dead skin cells.

laser peel

Dr Vanessa Phua gently tests the laser peel on the patient’s hand first, warning about the loud sound and snapping sensation. After the initial round of laser treatment, she focuses on the rough skin and fine lines on the face and goes over them again using a deeper laser peel. Throughout the laser treatment, she reassures the patient and informs her about what she is doing.

after laser peel

An iced compress is placed on the face after the laser treatment to cool the skin down. This is followed by antiseptic creams and sunblock. The patient’s face looks pink and feels tight. It also stings slightly when the antiseptic creams are applied. Laser treatment creams will also be dispensed to the patient to minimize infection and ensure the shortest healing time.


emily after treatment 2

According to the patient, her skin turned slightly darker, like she had a suntan, and felt taut. After two days, her skin started flaking to reveal the new skin underneath. Patient’s face now looks fairer and her skin tone is more even. The wrinkles under her eyes have also lessened considerably. For optimum results, the patient is advised to do two more peels.

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