Bust Firming Treatment For Saggy Breasts Review

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: $688 per session

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Location: SHINE Studio 

Bust Firming Treatment For Saggy Breasts Review

shine studio bust firming treatment

Shine Studio

Having an ample bosom is wonderful when you are young, however, this asset can work against you when you are older. Having saggy breasts is a definite no-no for most ladies, including me but I am too lazy to do my own “uplifting” massages.

Thankfully, help is at hand with SHINE Studio’s Bust Firming treatment. Suitable for women with saggy breasts due to age or breastfeeding, as well as for women with small breasts, this treatment uses heat treatment from IPL to “trick” the breast area to think that it’s being burnt (don’t worry, it’s painless) so as to stimulate collagen to boost underlying tissues. This will be followed by a bust massage and collagen mask to enhance the effects of the IPL treatment. A pampering treatment that works from the inside out!

SHINE Studio’s Bust Firming Treatment promises firming and lifting effects in eight to 10 sessions and can even make your breasts increase by one cup size after 18 to 20 sessions! I like that SHINE Studio checks that customers are not on medication like Retin-A or Roaccutane as this can make skin more sensitive (read: painful!). They also have a good practice of doing trial emission skin tests whereby they test the IPL on your skin first to check how it reacts before performing the IPL treatment.

Treatment process:

My breasts are first assessed and measured by my therapist to determine what treatment is suitable for me. She decided to give me a treatment to boost my cleavage. Sounds good! First, the IPL treatment where cold gel is applied liberally all over treated areas. This made me feel really cold as I was naked on top and exposed to the air conditioning. A heated bed or hot water bottles underneath would have been nice.

Thankfully, the IPL treatment was comfortable except for the more sensitive spots near my underarm and nearer to my décolletage. I could feel the heat more in those areas. After two rounds of IPL, my therapist gave me a thorough wipe down to remove all the gooey gel. This was followed by my favourite part, a pampering 15 minute massage using a bust-enhancing serum. My therapist uses firm, uplifting strokes, starting from my waist and upwards as well as from the sides towards my cleavage. Lastly, the collagen mask, which was left on me for another 20 minutes.


At the end of the session, my breasts were again measured and they were actually 0.5 inches bigger! My therapist also noted that they were “bouncier”. A caveat: IPL gel and mask make for a messy treatment so make sure you don’t plan any hot dates after the treatment. Plan it for the day after so that the lucky man can enjoy your “bouncier” breasts!

SHINE Studio is located at:

1. #02-94, Far East Plaza

Tel : 6738-0700    

2. #03-06C, Jurong Point

Tel: 6790-2148

Email: enquiry@citispa.com.sg

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