ION Magnum Cellulite And Weight Loss Treatment Review

Aesthetic Director: Dr Christine Cheng of Simply Aesthetic       

Duration: 30 minutes    

Cost: $200 for the first trial first 10 readers, $400 per session    

Location: Divine MedSpa


I work out and I eat well, but yet I still suffer from cellulite, which is frustrating! So, when Dr Christine Cheng told me about her revolutionary Ion Magnum machine which is reported to reduce cellulite in one session, I immediately booked an appointment with her.  

Offered at Divine MedSpa – a spa which incorporates medical-grade aesthetic technology with a comprehensive range of spa treats, the Ion Magnum is a high-tech muscle-building machine created by Gerry Pollack, the co-creator of the pacemaker in the 50s. Using electrical currents, the machine tricks your body to build muscles and you can simulate a weight training session or a run just by adjusting the controls. According to Dr Christine Cheng, a 30-minute session on the Ion Magnum is akin to 10 hours in the gym and burns 5000 calories! This is truly a coach potato’s dream come true! To prove her point, Dr Christine Cheng adds, “The CEO of the company is a 54-year-old woman who has rock-hard abs and a super-firm bottom!”

Treatment process:

Ion Magnum Cellulite treatment

To prove the effectiveness of the Ion Magnum, my thighs were measured and these are my initial measurements: 

Left thigh – 50.9cm (top), 47.4cm (bottom) 

Right thigh – 50.8cm (top), 47.8cm (bottom) 

The Ion Magnum is a pretty intimidating looking machine with lots of wires. Cold metal plates attached to these wires were strapped all over my thighs and I was forewarned by my therapist, Joey, that I will feel as if “there are ants crawling up my legs”. She started off with mild electrical currents which felt ticklish and made me giggle non-stop. As Joey slowly increased the power, my legs started jerking involuntarily and the vibrations became much stronger. It became mildly uncomfortable in the last 10 minutes and I was relieved when the session ended.


Here are my measurements at the end of the 30 minute session: 

Left thigh – 50.6cm (top), 47.4cm (bottom) 

Right thigh – 50.5cm (top), 47.2cm (bottom) 

I checked my cellulite and it looked like there was indeed some improvement. Examining my after pictures, Joey pointed out that my saddlebags have also decreased and my bottom was slightly lifted. Wow! This is pretty amazing results from just one session. 

Divine MedSpa is located at:

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Tel : 6732 5578

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