Laser Treatment Dermlift

Aesthetician: Dr Dana Elliott       

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: $450 per session

Location: The Aesthetics Clinic

Review of Dermlift – A laser treatment done with the Q-Switch laser

This laser treatment is suitable for beginners as it is very mild and has the least downtime. It delivers heat to the epidermis at a single wavelength. This laser treatment is good for pigmented skin as it increases collagen and rejuvenates the collagen layer. It is also suitable for darker skin which absorbs more heat

According to Dr Elliott, microscopic changes can be seen on the skin like “blushing” and dryness. “The heat of the laser stimulates histamine release from the skin. The extent of the blushing depends on your skin type, whether it is more prone to allergy. This will last for about a day.” He also says that doing laser treatments are similar to giving your skin a workout so that it stays in peak condition. I like the sound of that! 

Treatment process:

First, my face was cleansed with a mild cleanser to remove any debris and sebum. Before the laser treatment process, eye shields are placed to protect the eyes, then a layer of carbon was applied on my face which helps my skin to absorb the heat of the laser better.
My laser treatment consists of three rounds of laser – Dr Elliott started off with a very mild frequency which felt like tiny stings. The second round of laser was more painful and actually felt like someone was snapping rubber bands on my face. The third round seemed more soothing even though it was at a higher intensity. I was slightly relieved when it ended and my eyes were tearing slightly. If you can’t stand pain, a numbing cream can be applied.

The best part came later. As The Aesthetics Clinic is attached to a spa called Body Contours, all patients get treated to a cold mask to soothe the skin as well as a luxurious shoulder and hands massage. This is what makes The Aesthetics Clinic radically different from other aesthetic clinics. I think most women would prefer to get pampered after their laser treatment rather than zipping out of the clinic after their laser (if they have the time!). I also liked that the environment of the clinic was spa-like with soothing music.


At the end of the treatment, my skin felt slightly taut but that was solved with an application of aloe vera gel. I’m happy to observe that my skin looked fairer, however, there wasn’t an obvious improvement as this is a very mild laser, and is a good initiation for patients who are starting laser treatments for the first time.

The Aesthetics Clinic is located at:

1. Orchard Road

No. 1 Scotts Road #27-00 ( Penthouse )

Shaw Centre

Tel : 6235 8770

2. Bukit Batok Civil Service Club

No. 91 Bukit Batok West Avenue 2 Block D #05-02

Tel : 6316 5282

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