READER REVIEW: GrandiLite Face lifting and Rejuvenation Treatment

Duration: 90 minutes   

Cost: $300 per session

Location: Vedure

Treatment Review – Review of GrandiLite

sharon before grandilite treatment

Sharon before GrandiLite treatment

Imagine this: A 90 minute luxurious treatment that will re-educate lax facial muscles to firm up, rehydrate dry skin, minimize pore size, perform lymph drainage for detoxification, improve skin tone and lighten pigmentation – all without any downtime or discomfort. This is the description of GrandiLite, the facial treatment that my reader, Sharon, was trying today. When I heard its benefits, I was filled with envy and wished that I was the one lying on the treatment bed!

GrandiLite uses a hi-tech machine called the CACI which stands for Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument. This machine employs tiny micro currents through metal probes to treat skin. The process is comfortable and a slight tingling sensation from the micro currents will be felt. GrandiLite is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. “We had a patient who had eczema and the treatment even improved her eczema,” relates Christine, a consultant at Vedure.

Treatment process:

exfoliation treatment

Exfoliation treatment

After cleansing Sharon’s face, the therapist first exfoliated her face with a device that looked like a metal scraper. This removed dead skin cells as well as loosened up blackheads for easy extraction. Collagen serum was then brushed onto Sharon’s face and two metal probes – a T-bar and double probe, was placed at various spots, starting from the neck then moving up all over her face. The T–bar probe targets bigger areas and is suitable for the neck area.

grandilite treatment

Grandilite treatment using microcurrents

After 15 minutes, the therapist changed the T-bar probe to another double probe to focus on Sharon’s face more. The probes are first moved slowly all over Sharon’s face in lifting motions, followed by faster, feathery strokes. To target eyebags and dark circles at the eye area, fast, circular strokes were used. Each side of the face took about 30 minutes and included a flurry of different techniques and pressure, almost like a facial massage.

microlaser treatment

Microlaser treatment

According to Sharon who has sensitive teeth, the electrical currents made her teeth ache slightly and her facial muscles were vibrating. She also felt a tightening and warm sensation on her face. After the CACI machine, a micro laser was used to target wrinkles and fine lines. To finish off the treatment, Sharon was treated to a hydrating O2 mask and given a pampering shoulder massage. After cleaning off the mask, the therapist applied eye gel, oxygen cream and acne gel on Sharon’s face.


sharon after treatment

Sharon looking fairer and more rejuvenated after treatment

Sharon’s face looked a lot fairer after the treatment. Her skin felt more hydrated and looked less tired. She also said that her skin feels tight and lifted, but not uncomfortable. She definitely enjoyed herself and praised the therapist for her gentle and comfortable skills.

According to Christine, the effects from one treatment will last a week. For desired results, 10 treatments, twice a week, are recommended. Vedure even photographs their clients after every five sessions to help them monitor their improvements. “This also proves the effectiveness of the GrandiLite treatment as there is photographic proof,” adds Christine.

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