READER REVIEW: Illumira Peel Treatment For Skin Rejuvenation

Aesthetician: Dr SM Yuen   

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: $650 per session

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Location: Atlas Medical – Laser & Aesthetics Clinic

Treatment Review – Review of Illumira Peel Treatment

consultation with dr yuen

Dr SM Yuen explaining laser treatment solutions to Felicia

A consultation with Dr SM Yuen is a thorough and sobering experience as reader, Felicia, found out. His diagnosis for her skin: open pores, dark eye circles, eyebags, chicken pox scars and slightly chubby cheeks. He carefully explained the various solutions for each problem and was both tongue-in-cheek as well as honest about what his treatments can or cannot do. For example, he told Felicia that chicken pox scars are very difficult to remove and the only way to remove her eyebags is through surgery.

I found his honesty refreshing, and different from some doctors who claim to be able to get rid of all problems. After an almost 30-minute consultation, Dr SM Yuen recommended his signature Illumira Peel which consists of a laser treatment using the Q-Switched Nd-Yag laser machine combined with a chemical peel. This treatment will rejuvenate skin, impart radiance, tighten and lighten pigmentation and encourage collagen remodeling in the weeks to follow.

Laser treatment process:

atlas medical

The cosy treatment room

atlas medical

Nice touches at Atlas Medical

We were brought to a cosy treatment room where Carmen, the therapist, first cleansed Felicia’s face and even gave her a quick head massage. Numbing cream was then applied and left for 20 minutes. According to Felicia, the numbing cream was very strong and she soon lost sensation in her upper lip, causing her to talk funny!

laser treatment

Felicia’s face before laser treatment

carbon applied before laser treatment

Carbon layer before laser treatment

laser treatment process

Laser treatment process

q-switched nd-yag laser treatment

The laser removing the carbon layer

To enhance the effectiveness of the laser, a layer of carbon was applied all over Felicia’s face before starting the laser treatment. Newbies to laser treatments may be startled by the sound of the laser machine as it is loud and sounds like a helicopter. The treatment, however, was painless, according to Felicia. Dr SM Yuen administered 2206 shots of laser beams on Felicia’s face. Usual treatments are about 1900 shots but Dr SM Yuen gave Felicia’s pigmentation more laser shots to help lighten them.

He also advised Felicia to return in two weeks time to do the chemical peel as he wants to see how her skin reacts first to the laser treatment. To finish the skin treatment, a cooling gel was applied, followed by antiseptic cream and sunblock. Felicia was also given antiseptic cream to apply at home and told to refrain from the sun and acid products for the next seven days.


after laser treatment

Felicia’s face looking more radiant after the laser treatment

side view after laser treatment

Looking fairer after the laser treatment

There was an immediate clarity to Felicia’s face after the laser treatment. Dr SM Yuen also proclaims that she will notice make-up looking and staying better on her face over the next few days. “Your skin is like the canvas of a painting. When it is good, the ‘painting’ will look much nicer,” he explains.

To remove her pigmentation problem, Dr SM Yuen advocates a four-week prep whereby Retin-A and hydroquinone creams are applied on the skin before the laser treatment for pigmentation. These creams will improve results of the laser treatment, speed up healing time and reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation. This is something new to me because most doctors don’t practice any skin prep, that’s why there have been cases of hyperpigmentation after laser treatments. Definitely something to consider!

Atlas Medical – Laser & Aesthetics Clinic is at:

722 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 (Ang Mo Kio Central), #01-2829, Singapore 560722

Tel: 6556 0829

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