REVIEW: Brightening Facial with Revlite Laser Treatment

Prive Clinic is touted as a one-stop age management clinic offering aesthetic and therapeutic treatments as well as age management services. It is helmed by Dr Karen Soh, who is a certified age management practitioner by the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine as well as a member of American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and the American College of Advancement in Medicine – you know you are in good hands when you see her credentials. Prive is also one of the only five clinics in Singapore who are certified to offer age management.

 prive clinic  prive treatment room

Dr Soh shows me around her plush and spacious clinic and talks me through her extensive treatments menu – which covers an arsenal of top-end laser treatments, luxurious facial and body treatments as well age management services.  I like the fact that Prive allows me the option of zipping in for a quick laser treatment or if I can afford the time, spoil myself rotten with an ultra-pampering facial treatment combined with their “super boosters” like lasers, dermabrasion or IPL. Luckily for me, Dr Soh has kindly prepared a full-works treatment for me today, covering brightening facial, dermabrasion to slough off dead skin, electroporation to open up my pores for better Vitamin C serum absorption and to top it all off, a RevLite laser, which is a multi-tasking laser to treat wrinkles, scars and pigmentation. Yippee!

Treatment process:

I was placed in the good hands of their head therapist, Lily, and what “good hands” literally! I must admit that I have been spoilt and have tried many facials and massages, but Lily is something else. Her hands manage to be feathery light, gentle and firm all at the same time and the experience was magical. Ok, enough raving and back to the treatments…


 visia face analysis  face analysis
 face analysis comparison  face analysis melasma check

My face was first cleansed before Lily led me to their skin analysis machine called a Visia. It looks like a space capsule and it took several high-resolution photos of my face to analyse its condition. Thankfully, my skin is in pretty good shape and I scored between 80 to 90 percent (50 percent being the passing mark) in most categories. Phew!


 dermabrasion  electroporation

Next, Lily performed the dermabrasion using a metal scraper to soften skin and remove the top layer so that extraction is easier. Lily was very gentle with her extraction technique and would press down on the squeezed area with toner to soothe it. She was also extremely thorough, even squeezing inside my ears! An anti inflammatory cucumber and thyme gel was applied next to calm my skin. The electroporation process involved a warm probe being massaged with a Vitamin C serum. This felt very comfortable and I think I dozed off for a bit here. I woke up just in time for the crème de la crème – the amazing lymphatic massage. I literally felt that I’d died and gone to massage heaven here. You simply have to try it to believe it!


 revlite laser treatment  kiwi brightening mask

After a blissful 15 minutes, Dr Soh took over and performed the RevLite laser which felt like tiny ant bites all over my face. A small cooling fan was used together with the laser to ease the heat. Finally, a skin brightening kiwi mask was applied and Lily finished off my treatment with a coffee anti-oxidant cream and blueberry eye cream. Yums!


I think everyone deserves to pamper themselves once in a while and I felt like a queen after three hours of this intensive facial treatment. Not only did my face look clearer and my pores more refined, I was also relaxed and literally floated all the way home. In fact, I was so impressed that I swiftly bought the same package for my mum for her Mother’s Day present. Prive is currently offering a value-for-money package of skincare products combined with facial and laser treatment from $356 to $600. Mums everywhere will adore this!

Brightening Facial with RevLite Laser Treatment

Duration: 90 minutes

Cost: Brightening facial, $120, RevLite Laser, $320, Dermabrasion, $30 and Electrporation, $90. As a package, around $400 to $500


Prive Clinic

One Raffles Place, #05-04A, Singapore 188098

Tel: 6535-6532

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