REVIEW: Facial Remodeling Treatment

Facial remodeling is a new way of reshaping the face using fillers like Juvederm as well as Botox to sharpen and smoothen. It is non-invasive, quick, relatively painless and results can last for up to 18 months. 

Dr Z is a facial remodeling expert who has sculpted the faces of many patients. Today, he is working on readers, Elyn and Carol. First, he consults with them and advises them on the areas that can be worked on. Then, he maps out their faces with a marker. For Elyn, he recommends lifting up her cheeks which is slightly depressed, a higher nose bridge, a sharper chin and Botox for her crow’s feet and forehead as well as on her jaw line to make it less angular.

Dr Z facial remodelling consulttation

Dr Z consulting with Elyn

Dr Z administers a nerve block which acts like anesthesia into the top corners of Elyn’s mouth, very much like a dentist. This minimizes bruising of the face. With experience, he has also mastered the art of injecting with minimal pain, which unfortunately is a trade secret that I am not allowed to divulge here!

facial remodelling treatment with Dr Z

Facial remodeling with Juvederm

facial remodelling treatment with fillers

Botox at the crow’s feet

Then, using a combination of Juvederm fillers like Voluma which is good for creating volume in places like cheeks and chin, Ultra and Ultra Plus which are good for smaller areas like the nasolabial folds, Dr Z begins sculpting Elyn’s face. After each careful injection, he massages and molds the filler into the desired position or shape. Results can be seen immediately, especially on the nose bridge and chin, which instantly made Elyn’s face sharper. Lastly, he administers quick shots of Botox for her crow’s feet, forehead creases and jaw line. It takes about a month for Botox to show results and it lasts for about four months for newbies. Results last longer after a few more sessions.

 elyn before facial remodelling                      elyn after facial remodelling

Elyn before facial remodeling treatment                        Elyn after facial remodeling treatment

For Carol, Dr Z recommends a sharper nose and more defined chin using fillers, followed by Botox for her jaw line and eyebags. More filler was used to define Carol’s chin and that made her face less round and sharper. He also gave Carol a really beautifully shaped nose with a very high nose bridge. In fact, I was so impressed by her nose that I was tempted to do my button nose as well! Dr Z gave me two quick, painless jabs on my nose to smoothen out the bump. Yay! I have a nicer nose now and it took less than five minutes!

Botox on jawline

Botox on the jawline to make it less angular

nosebridge sharpening with voluma filler

Voluma injected into Carol’s nose to make it sharper

fillers for nose sharpening

Dr Z shaping Carol’s nose after injection

fillers for chin

Dr Z defining Carol’s chin with Voluma

carol before facial remodelling fillers for shaper face
Carol before facial remodeling

Carol after facial remodeling
shaper profile after fillers shaper profile after fillers

Update from Carol after 2 weeks: 

The bruise under my eyes only went off like 1 wk later after the session. The botox has not totally taken my eyebags off but there is lesser “baggage” under my eyes now :) My lines at the corners of the eyes were also gone! My face is now visibly sharper (I didn’t dare tell my hubby that I did fillers for my chin and just recently he asked me how come my face seems sharper now! :P)

Another unexpectedly pleasant thing I noticed just a few days ago was that I used to have a grumpy face whenever I don’t smile (the corners of my mouth droop which gives me that grumpy look), but thanks to the botox/fillers, somehow the corners of my mouth no longer droop and I no longer look grumpy now!! Yeah!

Facial Remodelling Treatment 

Duration:  60 minutes each

Cost:  Between $900 for a nose job up to $3,000 for a full face treatment (Exclusive for first 10 readers of, 10% off your treatment if you go with a friend. Please quote “” when you make your appointment).

Location:  Z Medical Aesthetics

Z Medical Aesthetics is at: 

Orchard Paragon
290 Orchard Road, #11-04/05
Paragon Medical Suites, Singapore 238859
Tel: 6235-2343       

Jurong Point Shopping Centre
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