REVIEW: Hair Removal Treatment using the Solera Prowave IPL machine

solera prowave

With so many options nowadays for hair removal, from laser to IPL, and choosing a treatment to do can be a little confusing. I’ve tried a few myself and personally, I find the laser hair removal the most effective so far. My leg hair were almost gone in three treatments whereas I still had a little underarm hair after four IPL sessions.

So, when IYAC Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Clinic invited me to try their new Solera Prowave IPL machine, I was keen to finally eradicate my last few strands of underarm hair as well as test out this new machine.

Treatment process:


After shaving my underarms, my therapist slathered them with a lovely scented cold gel and gave me eye protection before she started the IPL treatment. There was a bright light followed by a mild “rubberband snapping” feeling on the treatment areas. My therapist went over my underarms in a succession of shots quickly and before I know it, I was done. She then wiped my underarms clean of the gel and applied a healing cream to soothe the treatment areas.


Most areas require three to six treatments, and this depends on the individual’s hair thickness, areas treated and hair growth cycle.

Hair Removal Treatment

Duration: 15 minutes

Cost: $600 for lower legs, $250 (subject to GST) for underarms

Location: IYAC Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Clinic

IYAC Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Clinic is at:

One Orchard Boulevard

Camden Medical Centre #06-03

Tel: 6738 9989


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