REVIEW: Power Plate Weight Loss and Cellulite Workout

Power Plate and Hypoxi Review

Know what celebrities like Madonna, Kylie Minogue and Claudia Schiffer do to stay trim and fit? They do the Power Plate workout! Originally developed for NASA astronauts to stay fit in space, the Power Plate machines are now used throughout the world by celebrities and people to shape up faster and more efficiently.

Power Plate machines use the principles of Acceleration Training exercise which uses vibration to stimulate the muscles. These vibrations are transferred to the muscles in the body causing them to contract rapidly in reflex action, making them work harder. By assuming various positions on the Power Plate, you can stimulate different muscle groups more effectively than standard resistance training. For example, according to trainer, Zak, holding a squat for one minute on the Power Plate is equivalent to doing 100 squats. Greater results can also be achieved in just one to two short sessions a week. In fact, one of their clients dropped two dress sizes in less than 20 sessions for her wedding. Sounds ideal for busy and impatient Singaporeans!

Power Plate Review

 warmup stretch  warm up stretch
 core exercise  leglifts

Zak started me with simple warm up exercises by making me stretch on the Power Plate. The vibrating sensation took some getting used to and it made my teeth chatter a bit. This was followed by core muscle workouts like slow leg raises, fast inverted crunches, leg circles and crunches with the medicine ball. My abs definitely worked harder than usual and I found myself getting tired even though each workout lasted only one minute!

 leg circles  medicine ball crunches
 push ups  tricep dips

To work my upper body, Zak made me do tricep dips which were very tough and push-ups. I am usually able to do 20 push-ups but it was a struggle to do even 10 on the Power Plate. I also had to take a little break after each workout as it was very tiring on my muscles.

 bicep pull  squat
 step up1  step up 2

For my lower body, I did step ups, squats and some balancing endurance moves on the Power Plate. My legs felt like jelly after the entire programme. Lastly, Zak made me lie down on the Power Plate for a much-needed massage for my thighs and I ended the session with a good stretch on the machine.

 endurance balance  endurance balance 2
 massage  stretch

Hypoxi Review

 hypoxi vacuum skirt  bicycle in hypoxi

For quicker weight loss as well as to get rid of cellulite, combine your Power Plate workout with their Hypoxi treatment. According to Zak, we get cellulite due to poor circulation in our lower bodies. The Hypoxi machine activates blood flow in cellulite-prone areas like the buttocks and thighs with a vacuum chamber. By cycling slowly in this chamber, circulation is activated and this, combined with high pressure from the vacuum, supposedly removes fat and toxins. The desired result: slim legs and toned buttocks. 

Zak strapped me up in a vacuum skirt which prevents the pressure from escaping and I got on the bicycle in the machine before being sealed up. I had to cycle at a pace recommended by the machine to boost my circulation. I could feel the pressure building up and releasing in the machine and it started to feel warm like a sauna.

To make the treatment more effective, you will be given a list of forbidden foods to avoid six to eight hours after the treatment. No carbs and sugar is allowed as this will disrupt the fat burning effect.  According to Zak, less than eight sessions on the machine is all you need for smaller thighs!

Duration: 90 minutes

Cost: $85 for a 45-minutePower Plate workout and $150 for a 30-minute Hypoxi treatment 

Location: Verve Studio

Verve Studio is at:

39 Stamford Road
#02-11, Stamford House
Singapore 178885
Tel: 6338-1883       

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