REVIEW: PPx Pro System

We all want to look better but do not want to endure pain or downtime. Now, this is possible with PPx which claims to get rid of acne, pigmentation, hair as well as rejuvenate skin painlessly, in less than 10 minutes to boot! This sounds almost too good to be true and I had to try it to see if the claims are right.

I arrived early at GLOW Aesthetics and was immediately served a cup of warm tea. Decorated with a cosy décor, this aesthetic spa is spacious and inviting. I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that I will be treated to a pampering facial experience on top of the PPx procedure. Looking at owner, Lily Kew’s, glowing and flawless face almost made me believe all I heard about the PPx machine. She educated me on the benefits of this high-end, US-made machine, how it works and the results I can expect. Everything sounds amazing and made me really eager to try it.

PPx machine

The multi-tasking PPx machine

Treatment process:

Therapist, Anne, first relaxed me with by rubbing lemongrass and lavender aromatherapy above my face, followed by a gentle face and shoulder massage. After double cleansing my face, she sprayed me with water to help alleviate the heat from the machine and started the PPx treatment.

PPx treatment


As I had a small pigmentation mark under my left eye, Anne used a more concentrated light energy there and I could see bright sparks followed by a slight burning smell (hey, hair removal at the same time, great!). This was followed by rejuvenation for the rest of my face. In PPx technology, the targeted area of skin is lifted using vacuum energy, bringing the problem spots closer to the light source. This action also momentarily elevates and stretches the skin by up to 35 per cent, and temporarily reduces the concentration of melanin and haemoglobin to enable a greater transmission of broadband light to the target spots. In layman terms, this means that up to five times more energy is able to reach the target, compared with other laser and IPL treatments.

PPx technology

PPx technology

The PPx machine had a suction effect on my face and the flashing lights made me feel like I was being photographed repeatedly. I have a thick hide and a high tolerance for beauty, so breezed through the 10-minute session without a squeak. Compared to lasers, the pain level is greatly reduced so no messy numbing creams or ice-cold gels are required. After my treatment, a moisturising serum was applied followed by a cold collagen mask to soothe my skin. What I loved was the fact that Anne gave me a stimulating shoulder massage while I had my mask on. Heaven!


My skin was immediately brighter and slightly flushed after the treatment. Lily tells me that my complexion will look its best after three days and will continue to improve as my collagen levels increase due to the procedure. Follow-up treatments every three weeks is recommended for best results.

PPx Pro SystemTreatment

Duration:  60 minutes including facial

Cost:  $180 to $450

In conjunction with International Women’s Day on 8th March, GLOW Aesthetics is offering all women a 45-minute trial session of the PPx treatment for just $38 for the entire month of March.

Terms & Conditions:

– Valid from 1st – 31st March 2011
– Valid for new customers above 21 years old
– Valid for Singapore citizens, PR & permit holders only
– The management reserves the right to amend any terms & conditions without prior notice


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