REVIEW: Undereye Fillers

As we age, the depressions under our eyes deepen, making us look sunken and tired. Shadows are also cast on these depressions, resulting in the dreaded dark eye circles. At 33 years of age and no thanks to years of neglect (no eye cream, eye rubbing and sun worshipping), fine lines have started to appear under my eyes and I now need concealer to cover my dark eye rings.  

With festive season just round the corner, I sought the help of Dr Isabelle Yeoh to help me look refreshed (and younger, hopefully!). She suggested using Restylane fillers to plump up the depressions under my eyes. The effect will be subtle and I will look as if I’ve just had a good night’s sleep or had returned from a well-rested holiday, says the soft-spoken doctor.

Treatment process:


Located at Camden Medical Centre, Dr Yeoh’s clinic, IYAC, is spacious and well-decorated in soothing neutral shades, even the clinic assistants are dressed in elegant khaki jackets that go well with the décor. To prep me up for my fillers, numbing cream was applied under my eyes. This was left on for about 20 minutes.


IYAC laser room

I was then brought to a pristine treatment room with a great view of Orchard Boulevard. Dr Yeoh gently administered three injections under my right eye and four injections under my left. She applied pressure after each injection to expedite blood clotting to reduce bruising. After massaging the fillers under my skin, she used a finer needle for my fine lines. The injections were painless and there was only a slight aching sensation on some spots when the filler was injected inside. Her assistant was also great with icing the areas before and after the injections, making the procedure fairly comfortable.



 before undereye fillersBefore – Sunken depressions under my eyes created dark circles and a
deep wrinkle under each eye.
 after undereye fillersAfter – With the lower areas of my eyes plumped up, there is less
shadow and my wrinkles are gone!


The fillers minimized my fine lines and lifted my undereye area, making my dark eye circles appear lighter. I liked that I was able to look better in less than an hour and that it is subtle. There is minimal bruising and I was given a Gentle Wave treatment which uses LED to stimulate collagen, as well as homeopathic herbal tablets – all to prevent swelling, bruising and aid in the healing process. I think they worked because my skin looked fine after the injections and I was able to leave the clinic and go for my next appointment without any make-up concealer. 

Undereye Fillers Treatment 

Duration: 40 minutes

Cost: $1200 for both eyes

Location: IYAC Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Clinic

IYAC Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Clinic is at: 

One Orchard Boulevard 

Camden Medical Centre #06-03 

Tel: 6738 9989


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