SHINE Underarm IPL Hair Removal Review

Duration: 15 minutes

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Location: SHINE Studio

Underarm IPL Hair Removal Review

shine studio IPL

SHINE Studio

I lead a very active life and am constantly multi-tasking, doing 10 things at one time. That’s why I am seek convenience in life – whether it is laser treatments for my face or perming my eyelashes so that I don’t have to put on make-up – anything that can save me precious time. Personal grooming is a pet peeve of mine as I find it a waste of time to shave my legs and underarms, yet I am forced to do it so that I don’t look like a Neantherdal! I have been thinking of doing IPL for a long time but have held back due to horror stories of the pain or of hair growing back even after numerous sessions.

That being said, CITISPA is set to revolutionise hair removal with its sister brand, SHINE Studio which offers a full range of top to toe hair removal solutions for ladies. According to Lynn Ang, marketing director of CITISPA, their Light Clear hair removal treatment, using a CE Approved IPL machine from Europe, promises permanent hair reduction in three to five sessions. “In fact, you will see a reduction of 84 percent in hair growth in two years,” she says. It is also safe for all skin types, including negro skin, and most importantly, the IPL treatment is painless.

Treatment process:

shine studio's treatment rooms for IPL

The comfortable treatment rooms at SHINE Studio

My therapist first gives my underarms a wipe-down with wet wipes before shaving them. Then, she applies a cold gel liberally on my underarms, puts on my eye shields and starts the IPL treatment.

There was a bright light and I felt a slight snapping sensation on the area being treated. The best part? It was over in five minutes flat! A few shots of IPL for each armpit and I was done. This is because the IPL machine is technically advanced and enables an optimum level of energy to reach the targeted hair. It also has an internal electronic system that cools down the filter head to provide a numbing effect on the area during treatment.


As the heat from the IPL machine stimulates collagen regrowth, treated areas will look fairer after a few sessions. I can also expect finer and softer hair regrowth after the old hair shafts drop out after two weeks. For best results, another follow up treatment is recommended after two to four weeks.

Besides IPL, SHINE Studio also offers waxing and nails services as well as beauty treatments like eyelash extensions, eyebrow makeovers, make-up services, even a quick T-zone facial, tummy toner and eye treatment while getting your nails done. Perfect for multi-tasking ladies like me!

Update: It’s been two weeks and all my armpit hair have fallen out. My armpits also look nice and smooth unlike the past where it would look slightly red and blotchy from all the tweezing. I’m definitely going to continue my IPL treatment.

SHINE Studio  is located at:

1. #02-94, Far East Plaza

Tel : 6738-0700    

2. #03-06C, Jurong Point

Tel: 6790-2148


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