Breast Enlargement

breast enlargement


Breast enlargement without plastic surgery is now possible with breast fillers. Using Macrolane, a filler for breasts made from CE-certified natural hyaluronic acid gel, you will enjoy instantly enhanced breasts created to your specifications.

The breast enlargement process:

You will be thrilled with this plastic surgery alternative to breast enlargement that delivers results in an hour and does not require surgical silicone implants. Macrolane breast enlargement is performed via simple injections, therefore, no incision is made and no ugly scarring results.

Is there downtime for this breast enlargement process?

No general anaesthesia or hospital stay is required. You can usually go back to your normal activities almost immediately after this treatment.

Who is suitable for this breast enlargement process?

Women who have saggy breasts due to age or breastfeeding, women with inadequate breast size, irregularly shaped breasts and/or unshapely breasts. Macrolane delivers the promise of a fuller cleavage and shapelier breasts quickly and safely.

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Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement without plastic surgery is now possible with breast fillers.

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