Tattoo Removal & Scar Removal

tattoo removal


Tattoo removal is getting popular because of the negative connotations connected with tattoos. A laser treatment such as one using the Spectra VRM II is a good choice for tattoo and scar removal treatments.

What type of tattoos can be removed?

– Professional, amateur tattoos

– Cosmetic tattoos

– Traumatic and surgical tattoos

– Coloured tattoos


How the laser treatment for tattoo removal works:

The laser system uses high intensity pulses of light laser to significantly lighten or completely remove your tattoo, without harming the surrounding healthy cells. When the particles of the tattoo absorb the laser light, they are broken up into tiny fragments. These fragments are then absorbed through your body’s natural cleansing mechanism. This cleaning process generally takes a few weeks. Most tattoos require mutiple treatments.

How many laser treatments will I need?

The number of treatments required for optimal results depend on the size, location, depth and colour of the tattoo. Treatment should be placed four to eight weeks apart to allow your body to remove the maximum amount of tattoo pigment after each treatment. You will continue to see a lightening of your tattoo after each laser treatment as your body disposes more pigment.

Is the process painful?

The impact of the energy for the laser light is similar to the snap of a rubber band. After the treatment, the area may feel like a slight sunburn and may appear reddish.

What will my skin look like after laser treatment?

There will be a white discolouration immediately after the treatment, and the area around the tattoo may be reddish and could have swelling and scabbing. This will dissipate slowly over time.

Are there any side effects?

Occasionally, hyperpigmentation or whitening of the skin may occur. But, normal skin tone should return within three to four months. Since the ink in tattooing is not regulated, some patients may experience partial clearing even after several laser treatments.

What type of post-treatment care is necessary?

An antibacterial ointment will be initially applied to the area. Avoid scrubbing the area during your shower and apply sunscreen to prevent sun damage from occuring.

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Tattoo Removal & Scar Removal

A laser treatment such as one using the Spectra VRM II is a good choice for tattoo and scar removal treatments. Find out how.

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