Anti aging tip: Watch your back!

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I’ve often thought that a slim, smooth and toned back is a thousand times sexier than an overexposed cleavage. But, how often do we actually take the time to look after this erogenous zone? Just like the skin on your face, your back needs proper cleansing, scrubbing and moisturising in order to look good.

For someone like me, who spends most of her mornings sweating and rolling around on used yoga mats, an invitation to do a Full Back Acne Radiant Treatment at AsterSpring sounds like the perfect treatment to get my back spotless and smooth – just in time for the festive period too!

What to expect during treatment:

AsterSpring Full Back Acne Radiant Treatment

My therapist first cleansed my back thoroughly, using warm towels, which was a nice touch in an air-conditioned environment. This was followed by a microdermabrasion treatment where crystals were blasted to smoothen and lighten my skin as well as minimise pores. This was prickly and I felt like I was being scratched.

Next, a quick steam with warm mist to prepare my back for extraction. My therapist was very thorough and I thought my back was relatively zit-free, but she spent quite some time there, evacuating every pore of debris. Toner was then applied and she then covered my entire back with a hydrating mask for 15 minutes. To end the luxurious treatment, a moisturiser was massaged into my now spotless back.

How long before results are seen:

Except for a few red dots from the extraction, my back was immediately smoother and fairer. A stubborn blackhead lodged for months in my upper back has also been evacuated, yay!

Number of treatments required:

Depending on the condition of your back, you may want to do a monthly treatment if you suffer from “bacne” (back acne).

Suitable for:

Anyone looking to get a blemish-free, smooth and fair back.

AsterSpring Origin of Beauty
23 Serangoon Central
#04-23/24 NEX
Singapore 556083
Tel: 6634 2368

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: $200

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