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REVIEW: FIL Stem-Celluar Treatment

I have been a naughty girl to my skin. Last weekend in Bali, I fell asleep while lounging by the pool. The result – darkened, burnt skin on my forehead that badly needed hydration and some pampering. So when I read the description of FIL’s latest anti aging treatment – “Based on the concept of cell regeneration, one of the key active ingredients in this range is the Alps Botanical Stem Cells, extracted from an endangered type of apples grown only in the Swiss Alps, which is rich in epigenetic factors and metabolites, ideal for stimulating and accelerating cell regeneration and renewal process, for a glowing radiant complexion.”, I immediately booked an appointment. It was just what my parched skin needed! 

These days we are constantly being warned about the dangers of sunbathing. Everywhere from your local pharmacy, to your health insurance company such as Aviva, to your Mom have told you about the damage the sun can do to your skin. And nobody wants horrible, wrinkly skin when they get older, do they? So if you do make a mistake, like I did, you want to get your hands on the best products available. According to FIL, these almost-extinct apples in the Swiss Alps do not turn brown when cut and left in the open and their tree branches appear to repair itself very quickly. These extraordinary properties were noted by the researchers who extracted their stem cells and used them as the main ingredient for FIL’s anti aging range of skin care products. The products, consisting of a bottle of cleanser and two bottles of serum, costs $599 per set and customers who purchase them for home use have to be given specific instructions on how to use these products as the ingredients are very active. Customers can expect to see a difference in two weeks after using the products.  

If you are lazy, you can opt for the facial treatment using these advanced stem cell products – which is what I am trying today. This treatment is incorporated with a lifting and contouring machine to further enhance results.



Treatment process: 


The therapist cleansed my face twice, first with a milk cleanser then again using the Stem-Cell cleanser. This was followed by the Stem-Cell scrub which had a pleasant, fruity fragrance. The scrub warms up when it is rubbed which enables deeper penetration into the dermis to unclog pores. She gave my face a thorough but gentle massage with the scrub which left it feeling squeaky clean. Mild extraction followed and then cotton wool soaked with rose water toner was placed on my skin to soothe it. 


Next, the therapist applied the Stem-Cell serum on the right side of my face and used a lifting and toning machine, moving in firm upward strokes, to lift and improve my skin’s elasticity. When I looked into the mirror after she was done, I could see that my right jaw looked slightly more contoured than my left! This entire process took about 10 minutes. After my face was lifted, she gave me a quick facial massage with FIL’s in-house treatment cream. Then, she applied a mousse mask which also contains the stem cells extract all over my face. She explains that the mask is light so that the smaller particles make it easier for my skin to absorb its goodness. After 10 minutes, I was given another invigorating facial massage with the mask using uplifting strokes. To finish off the luxurious treatment, toner and moisturizer were applied. 



My face looked moisturized and brighter after the treatment. Most of my burnt skin had been exfoliated off and I could peel off the remaining dry skin easily. Before, I used to have to skulk home after a facial because of unsightly red marks, now my face was glowing, felt taut and even had a healthy rosy hue. I looked ready for a ball!



Treatment info:


Duration:  120 minutes  


Cost:  First time trial of $300 for one session (this price is exclusive for first 10 readers of, U.P. of this treatment is $800 per session, please quote “” when you make your appointment).

*Terms & Conditions:– Applicable for first time and new customers, aged
18 and above only.
– Not applicable with any other promotions, offers, discounts,
ongoing, in-house promotions etc.
– Your results may vary.Price advertised is subjected to prevailing
– FIL Skin, Body & Spa Intelligence reserves the right to amend
any of the above terms & conditions without prior notice.


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