Best Spa Deals

Best Spa Deals

All the best spa deals are listed here. Whether you are looking for the most budget-conscious package or the most luxurious, you will find everything you need here! There will be regular updates so check back often or you can use the RSS feed next to the title to be updated with new promotions. If you would like to be listed here, please contact me at pearlin(@)reviewantiaging.comremember to take away the brackets.

  • Spa Esprit   

1.    Royal Flush Facial available at MASK – A series of facials dedicated to anti-aging. This effective facial uses Growth Factors (GFs), natural proteins that have been identified to be a key player in epidermal cell growth and are super anti-antioxidants and anti-free radical agents, providing great defense and protection against skin degeneration. Combined with Nanotechnology and stem cells for a truly effective anti aging solution. 

Prices: $150 for 75 mins to $320 for 120 mins

MASK WHEELOCK – 501 Orchard Road, #03-05 Wheelock Place, Singapore 238880, Tel: 6238 7737

2. Strip Power Pac 2.1 available at Strip PARAGON – Strip Power Pac 2.1 is an advanced permanent hair removal service with extra beautifying options due to an innovative machine that effectively reduces unwanted body hair, while lightening and tightening through its Accumulative Heat Technology. 

Prices: $600 for hair reduction and $600 for lightening and tightening

STRIP PARAGON – #05-09 Paragon, Singapore 238859 , Tel: 6836 4874

3.    Body Thirst quencher available at Spa Esprit @ House – A rich mixture of organic chocolate, which contains rich anti-aging properties, and peach, is warmed and used as an emollient for a deeply hydrating massage that restores moisture and elasticity to skin. Flip over and a warm coffee bean bag is placed on your tummy to offer ease and comfort.

Price: $220 for 90 mins

SPA ESPRIT @ HOUSE – 8D Dempsey RD, 8D Dempsey Road 2ND Floor, Singapore 249672, Tel: 6479 0070

* Promotion just for readers of Strip Power Pac 2.1: First time trial for Brazilian hair reduction $180 + lightening and tightening $180. Normal price $600 each treatment. Just quote “ReviewAntiAging” when you make your appointment.