a galvanic heat massage to reduce scalp inflammation, stimulate hair growth and optimise scalp elasticity.

Aging Hair 101

Everything you need to know about aging hair—and how to solve it, stat! Aging is an inevitable part of our lives and I’ve spent a fair amount of time and money on aesthetic treatments and skincare to maintain my face. However, I forgot about my hair in my anti-aging journey, resulting in hair loss and […]

Fresh and light-headed after my hair cut.

#Hairspo: Textured Lob – The Hairstyle Of My Dreams

  I yoga, box and run almost on a daily basis so my hair has to keep up. Fussy haircuts are out, and wash and wear is my preferred choice. Over these active years, I’ve stuck to a basic (read: boring) haircut but lately, have been itching for a change. After all, I’m not 12 […]