Chocolate Love

Ikeda Spa Prestige’s sweet treat will have your partner screaming, “Oh yes!” this Valentine’s Day!

Ikeda Spa Prestige Dark Chocolate Massage

Ikeda Spa Prestige Dark Chocolate Massage

I am a chocoholic so when I received an email from Ikeda Spa Prestige inviting me to try out their special Valentine’s Day treatment of white chocolate scrub, red rose bath and dark chocolate massage, I agreed without hesitation.

Arriving at their immaculate spa at Central, I was immediately served a cold tea drink and a wet towel. After the usual registration, I was brought to their couple’s room which reminded me of those cute little Ryokens on Japan Hour, with a cosy seating area, massage beds and a hot bath. I was off to a good start!

My therapist started with the white chocolate scrub and no inch of my body was spared as she thoroughly rubbed the sweet granules all over me. Next, I rinsed off and soaked in the heated rose bath while staring up at the artificial skylight. After 30 minutes, I hopped on the massage bed again, eager to begin my massage…and the wait was all worth it! My therapist rubbed me with languid yet firm strokes, focusing on my back and by the time she got to my legs, I was drooling and passed out. When she woke me up to turn over, I was actually annoyed that I had fallen asleep and thus did not experience the massage fully. Oh well, there was still my top half and again, she worked her magic, turning me into putty from my head to my toes.

I consider myself a spa veteran and after going to countless ones, it is the little extra things that can make a spa stand out, and Ikeda Spa Prestige checked all that: My therapist asked permission to before scrubbing my chest and underarms; her expert maneuvering of the towels that did not leave any unattended part of me exposed; wiping the scrub off my feet before I got off the bed to rinse and the glass of cold water placed next to the hot bath.

Needless to say, I left the spa slightly incoherent and smelling like divine chocolate. What’s more, the massage oil was not sticky or oily, and it took all of my self control not to lick myself like a cat. Guys, if you’re reading this, book an appointment immediately, and believe me, you’ll have a delicious and very pleased partner this Valentine’s Day.


Cost: $188+ (U.P $320+) for 1 pax

Click here for more information on their Valentine’s Day Spa Promotion

Where: Ikeda Spa Prestige

6 Eu Tong Sen Road

Clarke Quay Central

#05-22, Singapore 059817

Tel: 6222 8080

Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes

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