Dr Toby Hui

Over the years, we are seeing a growing trend in male grooming. Men are becoming aware of aesthetic treatments and employing them to maintain their looks. That is why Dr Toby Hui Seng Yin from Wen & Weng Medical Group offers specialized aesthetic care for men. “As there are obvious differences in skin texture, the treatment for the modern Adonis should be a separate entity and not a subset of those used on ladies,” he explains. “Being a guy myself, I can certainly identify with the fear of looking as if I’ve had work done. Working with Botox, fillers, lasers and non-surgical skin tightening procedures, I aim to soften the lines and marks of aging to achieve a brighter and more youthful visage, especially for men with sun-damaged skin from years of neglect and an active outdoorsy or sporting life,” he continues.

Dr Toby received his basic medical training from the National University of Singapore in 1996. With a keen interest in family medicine and public health care, he was also the pioneer batch of postgraduates who obtained their General Diploma in Family Medicine in Singapore in 2002. He is drawn towards aesthetic medicine as it combines both his interest in healing and creative art. He was first introduced to this field of speciality six years ago when he was in reservist training with Dr Chee Yew Wen, the founder and CEO of Wen & Weng Medical Group, one of the pioneer practitioners of aesthetic medicine in Singapore.


“Back then, aesthetic medicine was not as popular as it is today and it was a huge step to embark on the career change for me,” recalls Dr Toby. “I was amazed by what Yew Wen was (and still is) doing, the technology and science involved in providing professional, evidence-based medical care to help patients combat their beauty woes and in the process, restore their confidence and brighten their outlook of life.”

Dr Toby has since joined hands with Dr Chee and has helped many achieve their ideal body shape and rectify their skin problems. A firm believer of “prevention is better than cure”, he treats his patients from a holistic approach for better results in the long-term. This approach can be demonstrated in Wen & Weng’s highly successful in-house weight management program where the doctors work closely with therapists and trainers from the affiliated DermaSolutions MediSpa and MediFitness centre to help clients shed excess kilos and keep it off.

“Aesthetic medicine is not simply a lifestyle medicine but rather medical help for lifestyle modifications. Seek treatment early instead of searching for ‘quick fixes’ before it’s too late!”

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