Exclusive Interview With Dr Georgia Lee

Dr Georgia Lee with her stylish eco bag, free with $250 worth of products at Robinsons

1. What made you decide to start a skincare line?

I found out that my new patients were using too many over-the-counter products – sometimes up to 8 or 9 in the morning and even more at night! I wanted to pack in ingredients that will greatly help each skin type and to simplify our lives. I have started the concept of using cleansers, toners, moisturisers and sunscreen that can be used for both face and body as the skin off the face has been greatly neglected. More importantly, I wanted to share my philosophy of skincare with more people, and these are products that I have been using on myself.

2. Any special ingredients in your products and what are its benefits?

I use only the top-of-the-range for each ingredient that is carefully chosen. I will not compromise on that. For example, the grade of the vitamin C in my product right down to the water that is used have been carefully thought through before selection.

3. What are your bestsellers?

For the younger group – my pressed powder is very popular, for the gentlemen – my anti-hair loss shampoo, and for those who believe in preventive measures – my anti-aging range of skincare products are the best-sellers.

4. I notice that your cleanser and scrub do not foam, is there a reason for this?

I cut down the amount of foaming agents to have a more balanced PH for the skin. More foaming agents do not equate to better cleansing properties as many believe, but too many foaming agents can harm and dry the skin.

5. What is the secret to great skin?

Treat the existing problems especially acne fast and use no makeup if possible on a daily basis – the skin should be great enough to be shown to the world. Always remember that less (products) is more. Preventive measures for the skin are like having great inner health that goes a long way.

Basic cleansing, toning and light moisturising are important. We can add reparative and regenerative ingredients into these basic steps to bring about additional benefits and results. BUT the most important tip to great skin – eat well, stay out of unnecessary sun exposure and put on sunscreen! Remember to remove all traces of sunscreen with a suitable make-up remover at the end of each day.

drgeorgialee skincare is available exclusively at Robinsons and her clinic, TLC Lifestyle at Holland Village. For more information, check out her website: