Fraxel Laser – Say Goodbye To Imperfection

Improve tone and texture with this rejuvenative laser.

Fraxel laser at DERMACARE by Dr Dennis Kwan

Acne scars – together with memories of that loser boyfriend and drunken club nights, are some aspects of your youth that you want to get rid of for good. Fraxel laser is the salvation to imperfections on your face – be it atrophic acne scars or fines lines and wrinkles (now, if only there was such a laser for your memory…).

According to Dr Dennis Kwan, this laser will improve tone and texture, using heat to stimulate collagen and rejuvenate face. As it is non-ablative, it leaves the surrounding tissue unaffected and intact which allows the skin to heal much faster. However, it is a strong laser, so expect slight downtime with some redness and swelling. After a week, you can expect smoother, fresher looking skin with improved skin tone and texture, erasing years off your face. No wonder Jennifer Aniston is a fan!

What to expect during treatment:

My reddened face right after Fraxel laser. Did someone say “trout face”?

After cleansing my face thoroughly, a numbing cream was applied, then my face plastic-wrapped and left on for 30 minutes. When my face was suitably numb, Dr Kwan started the treatment. He explained that he is using a mid-level strength of 20 mJ (from a range of 10 to 70mJ) for my skin as I did not have many scars.

Fraxel laser comes with a cooling fan to alleviate the discomfort and I did not feel the heat at all, in the beginning. However, as Dr Kwan went over each area on my face four times, I gradually felt a prickling sensation which was still tolerable. When you are doing a strong laser like Fraxel, it is important to find a doctor with good bedside manners, like Dr Kwan. He made sure that I was very comfortable throughout and painstakingly “blended in” the lasered areas to make my reddened skin more even. He also increased the setting to 40mJ to treat an old accident scar on my face.

How long before results are seen:

 My skin looked flush immediately after and felt tender, like I had been sunburnt. Over the next three days, my face felt “sandpaperish” and the redness developed into tiny dark spots which sloughed off in about two days. This is treated tissue working its way out as new fresh skin is regenerated. My new skin is slightly pinkish, giving my face a nice, rosy glow.

My rosy face after Fraxel laser – no make-up needed!

Suitable for:

Depending on your skin condition, one treatment is usually enough to get desired results. However, to get the full benefit of the Fraxel treatment, you can try a course of three to five treatments, four weeks apart.

Fraxel may not work as well on people with active acne or on Accutane, which makes skin photosensitive. Otherwise, it is generally suitable for all skin types and can be performed on all areas of the body in particular the face, neck, hands and décolletage.

Doctor: Dr Dennis Kwan

DERMACARE™ Aesthetic & Laser Clinic

2 Orchard Turn ION Orchard

#05-05, Singapore 238801

Tel: + 65 6634 6328


Duration: Approximately 60 minutes for the full face.

Cost: $1500

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