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Forlle’d range of products

When it comes to anti-aging, few areas provide greater cause for concern than the face. And while it’s pretty much inevitable that lines and wrinkles will eventually make their way onto your face, a good beauty routine that keeps your skin hydrated and fresh will make a difference.

The good folks at Skin Science swear by Japanese beauty brand Forlle’d, which not only contains the revolutionary anti-ageing powers of hyaluronic acid, it also features a patented technology that reduces the molecules considerably in size, allowing for deeper penetration. As such, the range claims to reduce wrinkles by up for 40 percent, while increasing moisture by 96 percent and enhancing elasticity by up to 55 percent. Given this, it came as no surprise that I jumped at the chance of a trial run.

What to expect during treatment:

The Forlle’d experience is all about the client, and each facial is tailored individually – whether you are looking for an anti-stress or anti-ageing facial, among others. As such, the first step was to custom select the essences based on the type of facial required, and to custom the facial itself to deliver maximum results. After doing so, the therapist gently cleansed my face and applied a mask to oxygenate the skin and ensure the products were properly absorbed. Following this, several types of essence were mixed and applied before a tailored hydrating face mask was smoothed on. Once the mask was removed, my face appeared visibly hydrated and noticeably plumper. The fine lines were gone and my skin looked fresh and clear.

How long before results are seen:

Your skin actually shows the results immediately following the first facial, however patients typically require four or five regular treatments before longer lasting results can be seen.

Number of treatments required:

While just one treatment will help, you may want to consider a monthly or even weekly treatment to maintain results, depending on the condition of your skin. It is also worth knowing that these products are available to buy for daily use at home, with excellent results.

Suitable for:

Thanks to a unique formulation that addresses the needs of different skin types, the Forlle’d facial is suitable for anyone. However, the range of products is especially beneficial when used as part of the before and after care routine for people who have just had Botox, fillers, a chemical peel, dermabrasion, IPL or a laser treatment.

Duration: Approximately 90 minutes

Cost: Varies based on requirements, but the facial I underwent cost $240 and included three types of essence.

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