Labia Rejuvenation

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: $600 for the hair reduction and $600 for the Lightening and Tightening per session

Location: Strip Co-Ed Paragon


These days, getting just about any area of your body rejuvenated is possible, and I mean ANY part. Case in point: Strip is offering a revolutionary treatment that removes hair as well as lightens and tightens your nether region. Called the Power Pac 2.1 Hair Removal and V Blush, this treatment uses a laser IPL machine called the SPP 2.1, that serves the dual purpose of removing hair as well as rejuvenating skin. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Using a unique handpiece and a different wavelength, SPP 2.1 helps to reduce freckles and lighten pigmentation by breaking down melanin and inhibiting its formation. Then, it uses heat to promote immediate contraction and encourage the generation of collagen. The overall effect: younger, more radiant looking skin.

Treatment process:


Definitely not for the shy, I spent the next one hour, naked from the waist down and spread-eagled, with a stranger uncomfortably close to my privates. Fortunately, my therapist, Hazel, was chatty and knowledgeable and entertained all my probing (no pun intended!) questions about the task at hand. She meticulously prepped me for the treatment, which started with a shave, followed by liberal applications of a very cold gel for the IPL process.

Hazel was attentive and constantly checked to ensure that I was comfortable, and whenever I told her that I could feel the heat of the IPL, she would quickly slather on more cooling gel. The IPL process took about 30 minutes which covered my entire region where the sun don’t shine (includes flipping over and lying on my front). After the IPL, I was cleansed like a baby to remove any remaining gel. Hazel also gave me instructions: don’t bathe in hot water, go swimming or suntanning (er, I don’t suntan bottomless, well at least not in Singapore!), other than that, I can resume normal activities.


It is a little early to know if the IPL worked well as I have to give it time for my hair to grow and fall out, as it is supposed to. Contorting myself to have a closer inspection (putting my Pilates training to good practice) when I got home, I noted that my pubic area does indeed look fairer and dare I say, prettier!

Strip Co-Ed is at:

Paragon, #05-09, Tel : 6836-4874

* Strip is offering its Power Pac 2.1: First time trial for Brazilian hair reduction $180 + lightening and tightening $180. For more information:

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