Ulthera By Dr Georgia Lee

The Next Big Wave In Anti Aging!

By Dr Georgia Lee

I would like to share with your readers a new device that will be the next big wave in anti aging. The new device in the market is Ulthera, a device developed in the USA. It seems to be the next big wave in the world of aesthetics after a drought of two years without any truly new development; most of the devices that are out in the market are variations of the pre-existing technology. No laser or light is being used for the Ulthera but ultrasound waves.

Using a probe that scans the skin and allows us to see that we are delivering the ultrasound energy to the desired skin layer, it causes collagen regrowth and skin lifting. It is especially great for hooding around the eyes. There are preliminary observations that it reduces dynamic lines too. As it uses ultrasound, this device is colour blind – that is like Thermage, it is safe on all skin colours which is so important in our multicultural island.

The procedure has slight discomfort without any anaesthetic cream but can be made more comfortable with some topical anaesthesia. It takes about 40mins for a full face treatment and there maybe some slight erythema (redness) initially for the first half hour. Results can be seen gradually over a period of three to six months and if more improvement is desired, it can be repeated then. Otherwise maintenance once a year is recommended to keep skin tight and snug. 

The Ulthera machine will be available at Dr Georgia Lee’s clinic, TLC Lifestyle in September. Price upon application.

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