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Aesthetics & Beauty July

We have come a long way since milk and honey baths used by ancient Egyptians. These days, we have lasers to zap wrinkles and hair, ultrasound to melt fat and radiofrequency to get rid of cellulite. In fact, a degree in Science (thank goodness I scored A1 for Science) is required to comprehend all these new-fangled machines! While all these treatments sound like they belong to a sci-fi movie, they are actually helping us achieve a healthier, younger and skinnier look. Find out more about the latest developments in anti-ageing methods in our New Age Special!

Leading the pack is blogger Bong Qiu Qiu who went to Korea to withdraw fats from her thighs and transplant it into her face for a more youthful look. Read about her bizarre treatment inside. Check out our best of the beauty blogs special too for go-to beauty experts ruling cyberspace.

Another must-read is our INDIBA® special. A&B is honoured to be partnering with them for their 30th anniversary celebration! Find out why their award-winning deep heat treatment has won so many accolades and what doctors say about their all-natural and highly effective anti-ageing benefits.

As proponents of a holistic approach to beauty, I am a huge believer in spas and massages. Take time out in our Spa section as we share with you the best places to go for a massage (our bodies are still thanking us!) as well as where you can go for a blissful Spacation in Sentosa.

We’re also proud to announce the launch of our revamped website at! Your beauty guide and expert voice on the latest treatments to ensure that you keep “looking great and feeling fabulous”, every post features a product or aesthetic treatment that has been tested and approved by a range of beauty experts. Download our A&B app for both Mac and Android devices through Magzter, the Global magazine Digital Store. Readers can now also subscribe to our digital edition through

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