Skin Resuscitation!

Milk Peel

In my line of work, I am always advocating proper skincare – which includes staying out of the sun. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done, especially when you are on a beach vacation in sunny Krabi. As a result, I ended up being sunburnt, with rough, dark skin – both on my face and body!

Luckily, I have Dr Kelvin Chua of SL Clinic as my knight with shining armour (or laser)! After analysing my skin, he recommended a gentle Milk Peel to deep cleanse and moisturise my skin, followed by a Q-Switched Laser to smoothen out uneven skin tone, improve fine wrinkles and treat pigmentation.

What to expect during treatment:

SL Clinic treatment room

The milk peel facial actually uses papaya enzyme to gently exfoliate the face, not milk. The name is derived from the fact that your face will emerge fair and smooth, like “milk” after the facial.

To start, my therapist gave me a soothing aromatherapy head and shoulder massage. Her light and feathery strokes immediately relaxed me and I had to struggle throughout the facial to stay awake to take note of the steps.

After double cleansing my face, she applied the papaya peel and steamed my face for five minutes to let my skin soften. Extraction was next and she gently removed all my blocked comedones expertly. Rose water is used in between every step to hydrate the skin. After applying a moisturising serum, my therapist gave me another ultra-pampering face, shoulder and head massage. By the time she applied a mask, I was already in la-la land. To finish up, an eye serum and sunblock was applied.

A few days later, I came back for my laser with my now-squeaky-clean face. After cleansing my face twice, Dr Chua tested out the laser on my chin before proceeding. The laser felt prickly and warm but it was comfortable, even without any anaesthesia.

How long before results are seen:

My face felt taut, especially around the eyes. It was also immediately smoother and more glowing after the laser. There was slight redness but this went away in a few hours.

Number of treatments required: 

For best results, a series of 6-10 treatments fortnightly is recommended for the Q-Switched laser. To enhance the results of the laser, an exfoliating facial like the Milk Peel can be performed a few days prior to the laser.

Duration: Approximately 90 minutes for the Milk Peel and 15 minutes for the Q-Switched laser.

Cost: $158 for the Milk Peel facial and $350 for the laser

Doctor: Dr Kelvin Chua

SL Clinic

68 Orchard Road

#03-33, Plaza Singapura

Tel: + 65 6336-1106



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