Soothe Sensitive Skin

This facial calms and hydrates sensitive skin, restoring balance and glow.

Estetica's 9th and latest outlet at Westgate.

Estetica’s 9th and latest outlet at Westgate.

My sensitive skin can be a pain in the butt. When the weather is too hot, it gets flushed and I’ve had to give away many beauty products because they caused my skin to get red and bumpy. Having a job that requires me to test-drive lots of beauty treatments and products also doesn’t help.

I went down to Estetica initially to try their much-raved about ést.lab VitaLift A+ Multi-Wave Face Therapy – a 60-minute anti-ageing treatment using multi-polar radio frequency technology coupled with red light therapy to give stressed and fatigued skin a non-invasive hydrating boost and visible “lift”. However, their therapist, Alice, took one look at my face and immediately assessed that I have sensitive skin. She told me that the facial would be too strong for me and recommended the Derma Calm Facial which uses Ericson Laboratoire Derma Calm skincare range, a professional medi-skin care brand that has the active ingredient, Skinasensyl – proven to improve skin’s protective function to combat external stimuli to reduce hyper-sensitivity. Other than that, she concluded that my skin is in a good condition and I should simply keep it hydrated and wear sunblock for maintenance.

Treatment process:

My face pre-facial

My face pre-facial

Whatever feelings of disappointment soon wafted away when I laid down on Estetica’s new-age space bed which molded comfortably to my body’s contours. Alice started by cleansing my face thoroughly with Derma-Calm Cleansing Milk and Derma-Calm Soothing Lotion, followed by a light scrub with Derma Gum Scrub. Then, she steamed my face before performing some light extraction. What was unique about her technique was the way she covered each area with a cotton wool soaked with cold Derma-Calm Soothing Lotion after extraction. She explained that this would prevent any redness especially for sensitive skin like mine.

After the thorough extraction, she applied Derma-Calm Ultra-Sensitive Serum and a thick layer of Derma-Calm Massage Cream, then performed a sigh-inducing shoulder and facial massage, before applying a Derma-Calm De-stress Cream Mask on my face. By this time, I was already semi-conscious after the blissful massage and my pampering treatment was completed with an application of facial moisturiser and sunblock.


My face post facial looking fairer and brighter!

My face post facial looking fairer and brighter!

My face was noticeably fairer and clearer after the facial. Alice re-affirmed the fact that sometimes, simpler is better, when it comes to skincare. Do not be carried away by the plethora of products and treatments out there. Instead, focus on what you really need…or find a facialist that is knowledgeable enough to tell you!




#06-18 Plaza Singapura

Tel: 6737 2234

Cost: $268

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