Dare to bare with Silky Smooth IPL hair removal at EstheClinic.

Skin Changers

Hair removal and skin rejuvenation with this new IPL system is fast, more effective and ouch-free! IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light and the term itself is enough to send shivers of fear up one’s spine if you have been at the brunt of its loud “rubber band” snapping sound and blinding light – especially […]

brazilian laser

GentleMAX – The Ouch-free Brazilian Laser

We all desire to have skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom, even down in our nether regions. GentleMAX by Candela may be the answer you’re looking for! I’d like to think that I’m a veteran when it comes to Brazilian hair removal – waxing, IPL, facial, I’ve tried them all. For someone covered with […]