Tara Stiles - founder of Strala Yoga.

Sway With Ease

Strala yoga feels like a moving meditation and brings on stronger mind and body connection. Apparently yoga can be stressful when done wrongly. Every time you force yourself into a pose, you release cortisol, a stress hormone instead of relaxing. Strala yoga aims to change all that with its gentle yet effective classes, which teaches […]

Palm Ave Float Club

Float Your Way To Bliss

Relax and be at one with yourself with this water therapy. While I was writing this article, I replied to four Whatsapp messages, two emails, had a phone conversation with my bestie while eating a salad for dinner, edited three articles and Instagrammed. In our connected world where multi-tasking is the norm, taking time away […]

Ikeda Spa Prestige Dark Chocolate Massage

Chocolate Love

Ikeda Spa Prestige’s sweet treat will have your partner screaming, “Oh yes!” this Valentine’s Day! I am a chocoholic so when I received an email from Ikeda Spa Prestige inviting me to try out their special Valentine’s Day treatment of white chocolate scrub, red rose bath and dark chocolate massage, I agreed without hesitation. Arriving […]