Taking A Shine To IPL

EstheClinic’s award-winning Glow To Go IPL Facial Rejuvenation treatment promises to bring out your skin’s best – without the pain!

Bring out your skin's natural radiance with IPL.

Bring out your skin’s natural radiance with IPL.

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light treatments seem to have been forgotten in the wake of other new-fangled treatments like HIFU, cryotherapy and Ulthera. Thanks to EstheClinic’s Glow To Go treatment, I was once again reminded of why IPL has stood the test of time and should be part of your beauty regime:

  • Forget numbing creams and suffering for beauty. EstheClinic’s MacPeel No Pain System (NPS) gradually raises the heat of the dermis to the temperature that is optimum for cellular rejuvenation, ensuring a comfortable experience without the painful “rubber band-snapping” sensation that characterised the older IPL technologies. In fact, the treatment felt like a soothing warm massage on my face!
  • Downtime getting you down? This treatment works deep into the skin to boost cellular activity, collagen production and promote regeneration. It is also highly effective in reducing uneven pigmentation on the skin’s surface – giving a more even-toned, radiant glow and smoother skin with just one session, with effects visible after the first session with absolutely zero downtime.
  • Multi-tasker for busy urbanites. This IPL uses photorejuvenation methods to induce controlled wounds on the skin, prompting the skin to heal itself by creating new cells. By emitting high intensity pulses of light in several passes over the skin, it promotes increased collagen production to smoothen and refine skin, shrink enlarged pores and decrease fine lines and wrinkles – all in a 20-minute session!
  • Affordable. Priced at $250 per session for the face and $320 per session for the face and neck, this is skin pampering that doesn’t break the bank. Packages of six and 10 sessions are also available. Talk about getting bang for your buck.
  • Best picker upper. Not a wham-bam-thank-you-mam experience, I was pampered with a luxurious facial massage with a serum post-treatment, which left me glowing and rested. No wonder EstheClinic’s Glow To Go has been touted as the red carpet treatment du jour.


Cost: $250 for a 60-minute treatment.


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