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Porcelain Aesthetics award-winning Illuminate Facial will give you happy, glowing skin #nofilterneeded!

Porcelain Aesthetics @ Orchard Gateway.

Porcelain Aesthetics @ Orchard Gateway.

Tucked away in Orchard Gateway is Porcelain Aesthetics, the only outlet by this chain that focuses on machine-based treatments. After hearing so much about their signature extraction facials, I was a little disappointed that all slots at their Cantonment and Tanjong Pagar outlets were fully booked. However I was reassured that the Illuminate Facial will also exfoliate and remove debris with its 2-in-1 oxy diamante microdermabrasion device from Italy which is exclusive to their salon.

Treatment process:

My therapist first double cleansed my face with their in-house Hydro Cleanser followed by their Revive Makeup Cleanser to remove all remnants of my BB cream and sunblock.

This was followed by microdermabrasion using an ultra-fine diamond tip which felt like a mini vacuum on my skin. I imagined all my blackheads being sucked out and when my therapist handed me the mirror to check – the right side which was worked on first definitely looked smoother and brighter. Next, a Grape Wine Peel is applied to further enhance and smoothen my complexion. I was a little concerned as I have sensitive skin, thankfully the peel was gentle even though it felt rather prickly on my skin.

Get smooth and clean skin with the diamond-tipped microdermabrasion treatment.

Get smooth and clean skin with the diamond-tipped microdermabrasion

A detoxifying lymphatic OxyPulse Massage was then carried out and this felt like someone was pinching my face lightly. Despite its description, it was strangely soothing. Cooling and hydrating oxygen mist was then sprayed all over my face. Lastly, my favourite part: Porcelain’s Hydrocare Biocellulose Sheet Mask was placed over my face while my therapist gave me a pampering shoulder massage. I must have dozed off at this point and 20 minutes, the mask was removed and Aloe Recovery Gel followed by sunblock was applied.

Achieve complexion perfection with the Illuminating Facial.

Achieve complexion perfection with the Illuminating Facial.


In today’s time-starved world, being able to lie down for 90 minutes for a facial treatment, is a luxury not many can afford. However, like working out, this commitment to skin health pays off. I was glad I made the time to pamper my skin and the results are multi-fold: glowing, smooth and firm complexion coupled with a zen mind. Ahhh…


For tired peepers, Porcelain’s Revital Eyes Luxx is a godsend. Designed to reduce eye bags, dark circles and fine lines, my therapist performed a firm and utterly soothing eye massage using an oxygenated eye gel before placing their in-house eye mask over my now-relaxed eyes. I woke up to refreshed eyes that looked like I just had a good night’s sleep!

Porcelain Aesthetics

#03-13 Orchard Gateway

Tel: 6277-6962

Cost: $406.60 for the 90-minute Illuminate Facial and $85 for the 45-minute Revital Eyes Luxx.

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