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Aging Backwards 101

Jackie Silver is the Aging Backwards expert on the syndicated television show, Daytime, the beauty editor for Clear Channel’s Mix 100.7 FM Nancy & Chris Mornings in Tampa Bay, Florida and a weekly columnist with The Tampa Tribune. In addition, she’s an expert contributor to Total Health Breakthroughs, and Jackie is a sought-after speaker and coach who combines her natural reporter’s curiosity with her desire to help others look and feel young. Her book is available at: and

Not all of us want to live forever, but we do want to look and feel young for as long as possible. You don’t need to drink from the legendary Fountain of Youth either because staying young starts with you. New studies come to us daily from all over the world, revealing new technologies and revolutionary procedures to take years off our looks and live longer, but if you start with these three simple tips, you can feel, look and “smell” younger!

1) Exercise is the real Fountain of Youth. Not everyone enjoys exercising, but experts now tell us that you don’t have to spend hours at the gym every day in order to get the results you want. Ten minutes a day of alternating exercises (fast paced, high intensity work out mingled with low intensity, calmer exercises) will do wonders for you and your heart. Al Sears, MD of Royal Palm Beach, Florida has a great program designed to help you. His PACE program can be found here: I also love the JumpSnap – the jump rope without the rope – as a great tool to take advantage of Dr. Sears’ concept. Jumping rope is great exercise but that darn rope is always getting in the way and tripping us up. JumpSnap eliminates the rope using two special weighted handles and lets you get a great workout. Plus, it’s very portable.

2) Smell Younger. It’s true! Studies done by Dr. Alan Hirsch of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago revealed that the scent of pink grapefruit makes a man perceive a woman as six years younger than her actual age. Perfume maker Harvey Prince & Co. of New York City took this idea a step further and created the world’s first anti-aging perfume, Ageless. Ageless is proven to make men who smell it on a woman see her as eight years younger. It incorporates the essence of pink grapefruit with other “youthful” scents in a light, energizing scent.

3) De-stress instantly. How? With ear plugs. These magical little inventions prevent outside noises from interfering from your day and they intensify the sound of your breathing in your ears (don’t wear them while driving). This exercise of focusing on your breathing is a form of meditation and studies show over and over again that meditation is proven to help you de-stress. These affordable little helpers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and you can find them at your local drugstore and grocery.

You can see that these tips are simple and easy to incorporate into your life. Aging Backwards is about adopting small, easy, daily habits that add up to big results. Visit for more secrets, tips and shortcuts for looking and feeling young. Don’t forget to sign up for my free newsletter while you’re at the web site.

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