10 Foods To Cut For Weight Loss

The safe and recommended rate for weight loss is half to one kilogram per week. Anything more than this is not advisable as you will regain the weight back very quickly.

There are many “fad diets” around and most are not scientifically or evidence based. They may appear to help you lose weight
temporarily but often it is because the diet is extremely low in calories. It is more important to follow a diet that is reduced in calories and nutritionally balanced with adequate nutrients to meet your body’s requirements.

There are many claims to weight loss but the most effective method is still to reduce total energy intake and increasing energy expenditure.

1)    Avoid soft drinks

Reduce your calories the quick way by substituting soft drinks with low calorie or sugar free beverages. One can of soft drink has seven teaspoons of sugar (140kcal) so cutting them out will bring down your calorie intake significantly.

2)    Limit oily and fatty foods

Fat is the most concentrated source of energy as one gram of fat has nine kcal of energy. Go for lean meat, fish or poultry without skin.

3)    Cut back on fried foods and snacks

Avoid foods that are deep-fried with fattening oil. Choose snacks that are baked, grilled, steamed, boiled or poached instead.

4)    Desserts made with coconut milk

Substitute these with fresh fruits as desserts containing coconut milk are high in fat and calories.

5)    Gravy and soups at food places

These are often full of calories and salt due to the amount of oil and seasoning used. Try not to drink the soups and gravy, so that you will save calories.

6)    Full cream salad dressings

The creams used in these dressings are full of calories. Use lemon juice, vinegar and low calorie dressings instead.

7)    Sweets and chocolates

They are usually high in fat and sugar. Eat fresh fruits for a healthy snack.

8)    Cookies and cakes

Try to avoid them, especially the butter types where the fat content is very high. Alternatives such as plain biscuits, sponge cake or whole wheat crackers are better options.

9)    Flavored rice or noodle dishes

Dishes with flavoured rice or noodles have added oil and seasoning and are higher in calories. Choose plain rice or noodle soups for a healthier meal.

10) Alcohol

Cutting down or avoiding alcohol will help reduce total calorie intake as one gram of alcohol has seven kcal of energy. Healthier options include green tea, plain tea, water or fresh fruit juices.

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