Top 5 Fat Burning Exercises

Ideally, six months is the recommended time to exercise for weight loss and toning. However, if you need to get in shape fast, these five exercises will help you achieve your goal. You will probably see results in a month if you do them diligently five to six times a week, combined with a low calorie diet.

These exercises are based on circuit training which incorporates aerobic and anaerobic workouts to burn calories more effectively. Do the recommended exercises six to 10 times, with a short break of one minute to 30 seconds in between them. Perform three to four circuits per workout.

Be sure to start slow, especially if you have not exercised in a long time, gradually building up repetitions and sets as you go along. To get a better workout, keep rest time in between exercises shorter.

1. Stationary/walking lunges

Lunges work all the muscles in the lower body like the quads, hamstrings and bottom. It also builds strong core muscles as you will need balance to do the lunges.

Tips: Be sure to keep your knee in line with the toes in front. Maintain a straight back and if you want a better workout, do walking lunges while carrying light weights.

2.  Skipping

Skipping is a great cardiovascular workout that works the entire body. It tones the muscles of the upper body, especially the deltoids and pectorals, and adds definition to the lower body.

Tips: Wear trainers and a good sports bra when skipping to avoid discomfort. To start, try skipping for five minutes, gradually working your way up to 15 minutes.

3. Push ups

Push ups work out the entire upper body in one simple move. Arms get super-sculpted and it also tones up the chest.

Tips: Start with knees on the ground first and build up your upper body strength until you are comfortable with your knees off. Maintain a straight plank position and draw your tummy in. Keep hands shoulder-width apart for stability.

4. Bend over two arm rows

Standing with light weights, bend over slightly and use your back muscles to lift the weights. This exercise works the entire back muscles as well as the biceps and triceps.

Tips: Choose light weights that you can lift comfortably. Weights ranging from two to three kilograms should be suitable. Keep arms straight, legs slightly bent and back straight. Pull in your abdominals and focus on using your back muscles to lift the weights.

5. Bicycle

This tummy-firming exercise gives you a defined waist in a shorter period as it works the upper abs, lower abs and obliques all at once. Lying down, support your head up with your hands and bend legs up. Twist body and bring the left elbow to right knee and vice versa.

Tips: Do not pull on the neck when you lift the shoulder blades off the ground. Stretch your leg out to about 45 degrees and keep abs tight throughout the entire exercise.

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