How To Be Energized All Day

From what to eat, to physical and mental exercises to do – this a.m to p.m guide will keep you energized all day.

1. Eat to power up 

Have a healthy breakfast full of body-beneficial foods – eat a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries or strawberries with a sprinkling of cinnamon. Oatmeal is packed with protein, B vitamins, minerals and fiber. Berries are high in vitamin and fiber content, and is an excellent source of antioxidants that protect our bodies from the stress of daily living

2. Pop a pill or two 

Beat fatigue by taking B vitamins which are important for our energy levels and our ability to handle stress. Consider a fish oil, flaxseed or evening primrose oil supplement for omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to boost our body system.

3. Warm up, charge up 

Wake up your body with some slow and relaxing stretches. Do the cat stretch which is great for releasing tension and stretching the spine. First, get down on all fours, as you inhale, let your entire body relax, looking up, exhale and draw belly button towards your back, arching it and looking down. Focus on really rounding the spine as you draw your belly button towards your back. This helps to bring circulation and energy to the nervous system. Repeat five times.

4. Refresh in the shower 

Rejuvenate your mood further with a fragrant bath using invigorating scents like camphor, citrus, cinnamon, lemon, peppermint and rosemary.

5. Stay energized mid-morning 

You are feeling drained after an early morning meeting, your inbox is full of emails and the phone is ringing off the hook.  A great way to recharge body and mind is to set your body in motion. Go for a walk outside to breathe in fresh air and take in some scenery to calm your mind and get newfound energy. If you have really little time, go to the restroom and sit down for five minutes of silence with eyes closed. This can be more beneficial than you think.

6. Prevent post-lunch zzzs 

For lunch, decrease your intake of white flour and sugar, processed foods, red meat and fatty foods as they make you sluggish. Increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, soy products, cold-water fish like salmon and tuna or lean protein like skinless chicken and turkey. These power foods contain premiere sources of vitamins and valuable minerals like calcium, iron, selenium and zinc – essential for building bones, maintaining nerve function, as well as for fighting cancer, forming blood cells and keeping immune systems robust. Guzzle at least two litres of water throughout the day as it helps carry nutrients and oxygen to cells, and remove toxins and other wastes.

7. Meditate to recharge

Quiet time can be restorative. Find a secluded corner in the office and give yourself 20 minutes to refresh with simple meditation. Sit comfortably with your back straight, close your eyes and attempt to clear your mind by focusing on your breaths. Inhale and exhale deeply and if your mind wanders just bring your focus back to your breathing.

8. Mid-afternoon buzz 

It is half-past three and the constant barrage of back-to-back meetings and endless paperwork is taking its toll. Boost your brain power to tackle the looming tasks with some power snacks. Reach for a low-fat blueberry muffin or wild berry granola bar. The antioxidants in berries are believed to enhance brain function, and instead of your usual caffeine fix to keep you going, drink an iced ginseng or peppermint herbal tea. Ginseng is a particularly energizing herb that is good with honey, while peppermint refreshes and is a great digestive aid.

9. Energize at your desk  

Hunched all day over your laptop? Prevent backache with some easy desk yoga. Sit on a chair and slowly bend forward until your stomach is touching the front of your thighs. Let your hands droop and hang beside you, and focus on taking deep breaths. With every exhalation, think of “melting” your entire body onto your thighs and release all the tightness and tension from your body. Stay in the position for two to five minutes, then slowly roll up your body and reach your arms towards the ceiling to stretch the spine. This should revive and soothe aching back muscles.

10. Cope well with deadlines 

Crazy timelines and having your boss breathe down your neck can sap your energy and put you in a foul mood. Learn these techniques to save your sanity so that you can finish your work competently. Visualisation can help you centre and focus. This is important because being centred makes you feel peaceful and stress-free. When your mind is clear and your body is relaxed, you will be able to work better. Sit in a quiet spot, close your eyes and take deep breaths as you visualise your favourite things – be it a beach holiday or a favourite person like your spouse. Depending on your mood, you should feel better in five to 10 minutes. Music can also lift your mood and re-energize your mental state. So, plug into your iPod, play some upbeat music and your spirit should soar with the beats in a jiffy!

11. Effective time management 

Managing your time well will prevent burn out. It is energy sapping to take on too many responsibilities. Learn to say no and don’t be sucked into a downward spiral of never-ending work that is stressful and harmful to your health. Prioritise your work by identifying the must-complete assignments for the week and the time allocated to complete them. As the week progresses, you may need to make adjustments. If you are too slow, you need to examine your work style or the suitability of the work you do. Carve your work into small chunks and work through one task at a time. Breaking large demands into small, manageable parts reduces the demands on your energy levels.

12. Get moving 

No more procrastinating! It’s time to head back to the gym for some cardio and body boosting workouts. Instead of another movie or shopping trip, suggest going to the gym with friends to unwind after work. Having a workout pal will motivate you to stay on track. If you have not exercised in a while, start slow with yoga or Pilates classes which rejuvenate dormant muscles. On days when you are too tired or lazy to go to the gym, aim to walk for 45 minutes, three times a week – take the bus and alight one bus stop earlier or offer to buy food for your colleagues. Get lively with some tunes. Research has shown that music can increase energy, so put on your iPod filled with your favourite tunes and move! Add stretching to your daily routine as it increases well-being and fights fatigue.

13. Energy-boosting food

Have a light but nutritious meal about 30 minutes before you exercise. Load up on “slow-burning” complex carbs, such as fruits, vegetables, whole-grain bread, rice, pasta, and cereals. The reason you should stick to complex carbs is that they take longer to be converted to glucose, which keeps your blood sugar level consistent and prevents you from having an energy crash in the middle of your workout.  A turkey sandwich with vegetables and wholemeal bread or wholewheat pasta stir-fried with vegetables and lean chicken strips are packed with muscle-building proteins and all the necessary fiber and carbs.

14. Look like brand-new

It’s time for that date you’ve been waiting all week for. Unfortunately, you’re looking more “criminal mugshot” than “dewy beauty”. Not to worry, help is at hand. All you need to look brand-new are a few key products. First, refresh skin with a face mist containing soothing ingredients like chamomile or lavender. For a quick touch up, use a pressed powder with oil-control and highlight eyes or cheeks with shimmery colours to add radiance to tired looking skin. Lastly, keep puckers lustrous and in top form with tinted lip balm. Stimulate your tired mind by burning a few drops of essential oils, while you touch up your make-up. Close your eyes and inhale the zesty fragrance for an energy boost!

15. Calm down to sleep well

It is essential to get a good night’s rest if you want to be energised in the morning. To rest well, your bed has to be comfortable with a firm mattress to provide uniform support from head to toe. A pillow that moulds to your neck curvature instead of forcing the neck too high or too flat is also essential. Other tips for sleeping well at night include some light reading, going for a short walk or soaking in the bath before bedtime. This will help release tension and stress to sleep better. To calm your senses and relax at night, go for chamomile, honeysuckle, jasmine, lavender, patchouli and sandalwood bath products.

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