Holistic Tips For A Healthier You

1. Consider trying this energy booster made of three cups of pineapple juice blended with one cup of water, one cup alfalfa sprouts and 10 almonds.

2. Energy levels can also be affected by digestive problems, such as a sluggish bowel. Try a monthly weekend juice fast followed by a diet of whole, raw foods to help cleanse your body and recharge your immunity.

3. Aim for 25–35 grams of dietary fiber each day by including beans, fruits (like apples, skin included) and whole grains to your diet. Fiber is essential for proper digestion and elimination, both of which affect all other body systems.

4. Tired of counting sheep? This natural remedy is sure to put you to sleep. Fill your tub with enough water to cover your ankles. Holding onto something stable, march in place for anywhere from five seconds to five minutes.

5. To counteract nervous tension and irritability, make a herbal juice by mixing sage, rosemary and oat juice (or barley), and take one tablespoon each day. This juice is also good for insomnia and exhaustion if taken before bed.

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