Aftre 6 sessions front

Artisan WiQo MagicLift Treatment

This Italian aesthetic treatment brightens, tightens, smoothens and lifts—with no downtime! Coco Chanel says, “There are no ugly women, only lazy women.” Unfortunately, I am a lazy woman who hates applying make-up. Hence, I have been on a quest—with non-invasive aesthetic treatments, to make my skin as flawless as possible so that I can get […]

I'm ready to have my skin regenerated!

Festive Face Forward

Get ready to look your best #IRL at all your year-end parties with LDM! Party season is in full swing with all restrictions lifted! It’s time to brush up on your social skills and get ready to mingle face-to-face. No more hiding behind masks and Zoom filters, it’s time to put your best festive face […]

Enjoy a beautifying and refreshing bird's nest drink from Kinohimitsu after your treatment

Beauty From The Inside Out

My Cozy Room’s new premier Royal Bird’s Nest Facial ensures that you’re pampered from the inside out. I discovered My Cozy Room when I googled “best facial with extraction” (here’s the link to my previous review: Recognised as one of the best facials in town with numerous awards, this girlish boutique spa has opened a […]

Perfect womans body

Disheartened Girl’s Guide to Getting Body Beautiful

Maybe you’re not born with it, but don’t worry, let the hi-tech treatments at Amaris B. Clinic help you achieve the body of your dreams. The pressure to look good is palpable in today’s Insta-world. Scroll through your Instagram feed and you’ll see endless pictures of women (and men!) flaunting their perfect figures – full […]

Before and after AesCure combination treatments

What’s Hot In Aesthetics: Combination Treatments

The hottest trends in facial rejuvenation are combination treatments. In the past, patients tend to go for just one type of treatment, for example, Intense Pulsed Light. Now, various treatments are combined to achieve the best results: Peeling, Botulinum and filler injections, Laser, Radiofrequency and Intense Pulsed Light. Each treatment tackles a different dimension of […]

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Uplift Your Face – The Korean Way

At Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals, they aim to give you the V-shape face without machines or needles. Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you will notice the V-shape face trending with every doctor offering their own gamut of treatments – from Ultherapy to fillers to help you achieve that youthful Korean look. However, […]

Aesthetics & Beauty July 2014

The Biggest Loser – get the skinny on the latest fat loss treatments and more in the latest issue of Aesthetics & Beauty!

1. Indiba Indiba Deep Beauty Proionic Body Care System uses a radio-frequency wave to “burn fats”. A massage head that emits the radio-frequency energy is rolled over the midriff with a massaging action. This raises the temperature of the internal tissues, breaks up fat cells, speeds up the metabolism and drains out toxins. It works […]

Voila - shampoo-ad worthy hair now!

DRx Organic Keratin Repair Treatment – Penetrate, Repair and Coat Damaged Hair

I’ve been deviant to my hair the past year. First, I dabbled with all-the-rage ombre followed by a complete colour job, turning my normally jet-black hair to a light copper. To cut a long story short, it was a great year of hair experimentation! Fast-forward to today and my tresses are brittle and frizzy. When […]

The man who helped me hear better.

Hearing Care, Not Hearing Aids

Two years ago, something happened that changed my life drastically. I was on holiday in Tokyo visiting my BFF together with a bunch of friends. During the trip, he suddenly told me, “Hey, go get your hearing checked, you very pekak (deaf for Malay)!” I laughed it off and thought nothing of it. It was […]

SkinLab The Medical Spa

Painless Skin Tightening

In this era of Thermage and Ulthera – both with high ouch-factors, it is nice to know that there is another way to tighten and reshape face contours comfortably. Strangely, for someone who has done over 60 treatments (not all on my face!) and counting, I have yet to try RF (radiofrequency), so when given […]