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How to get your holiday glow—without leaving town!

Lockdown skin is a thing. When you eschew skincare and spend your days watching catastrophes unfold on the daily news, then stress-binge on junk food, you pay the penance. Cue dull, dry, clogged and enlarged pores, a face that should be masked up!

Having decided that a little #selfcare was in order, I booked a much-needed pampering session at SkinLab The Medical Spa. After a consultation and skin analysis, their signature Medical Peel facial was recommended to revive and brighten my complexion. This plant-based peeling system consists of a combination of various alpha-hydroxy acids such as, glycolic acid, lactic acid, mandelic acid, as well as beta-hydroxy acids such as salicylic acid—and can be used to treat dull skin, acne, scars, pigmentation and fine lines.

After a quick six minutes, the peel was wiped off and my skin was ready to be cleaned out. My therapist performed the most thorough extraction scouring every pore, no blackhead was spared. She even showed me the gunk extracted which made me feel strangely satisfied. A rich ampoule was then applied followed by a firm yet relaxing facial massage. To soothe my skin, a hydrating rose mask was used and my therapist gave me an amazing shoulder and back massage while I dozed off.


Before (top) and after (bottom) SkinLab Medical Peel Facial.

Before (top) and after (bottom) SkinLab Medical Peel Facial.


I awoke to a brighter, clearer and smoother complexion. This was not all. I was also treating myself to a Profhilo treatment with Dr Kelvin Chua at SL Aesthetic Clinic next door. Profhilo is the latest skin-boosting injectable treatment for firm, smooth and glowing skin—all my favourite skin vocabulary. One of the most popular anti-aging skin treatments from Europe, it uses hyaluronic acid (HA) to address skin laxity and boost collagen. Profhilo uses both high and low molecular-weight HA to remodel the skin tissue at different layers—or what doctors call bio-remodelling, and apparently is the only HA injectable that is able to do so.



After marking my face, Dr Chua proceeded to administer five injections on each side of my face (side, cheek, lower jaw and chin), including two bonus jabs on my forehead to address fine wrinkles. The procedure was over in 10 minutes. I also opted not to have any numbing cream and the discomfort was bearable.


Immediately after Profhilo. The red bumps subsided after a few hours.

Immediately after Profhilo. The red bumps subsided after a few hours.


Immediately post-treatment, the injected areas swelled up like mosquito bites but they subsided the next day. Goodbye lockdown skin and say hello to post-vacay glowing skin that is smooth, supple and youthful!



SkinLab The Medical Spa is offering the Signature Medical Peel at $144 (U.P. $288) for a first-trial. This is a full 90-min facial treatment that comes complete with a professional extraction and head massage.

SL Aesthetic Clinic is offering Profhilo at an a la carte SGD 1400 per vial (2ml). The recommended treatment course is 2 vials (3-4 weeks apart) for optimal results. Exact pricing, number of sessions, and results vary by the individual.


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