Ice, Ice, Baby

Why freezing your face may be the next hot thing in aesthetic treatments.

Cryotherapy for faster muscle recovery and increased performance.

Cryotherapy for faster muscle recovery and increased performance.

We all know the benefits of cryotherapy – top athletes submerge their bodies in sub-zero temperatures to promote faster muscle recovery as well as boost energy and performance; in aesthetic treatments, it has been used to freeze and remove fat, and beauty experts often advocate splashing our faces with cold water to tighten pores and rejuvenate skin.

ART (which stands for Aesthetic Rejuvenative Therapy) by Verita is a spanking new medispa at Wheelock Place that offers a suite of Cryolift Correct Facials that harness these benefits. I decided to try their Cryolift Correct Time Eraser Therapy for mature skin that is showing some signs of ageing (sob!). This treatment stimulates collagen production while helping to smoothen out fine lines and wrinkles such as deep wrinkles, dehydration wrinkles, contraction wrinkles and surface wrinkles.

Treatment process:

Cryolift Correct Facials to smoothen complexion and leave it tighter and rejuvenated.

Cryolift Correct Facials to smoothen complexion and leave it tighter and rejuvenated.

A lavender and frankincense mist was first sprayed to relax me, then my skin was cleansed and a moisturising toner applied. Following this, a Time Peel containing Glycolic Acid, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits and assists in exfoliation, was applied to my skin. This helps in improving skin texture, minimise pores, reduce fine lines and wrinkles – leaving it smoother and firmer. After a quick extraction, my therapist performed the Cryotherapy with Time Cryo-Serum which effectively acts on all types of wrinkles. It contains Vitamin A, one of the leading anti-wrinkle ingredients as well as Hyaluronic Acid which helps smoothen out dehydration wrinkles. It also contains peptides with powerful skin relaxant properties for an enhanced action on contraction lines, and Wakame, a powerful skin revitaliser. The serum is massaged into my skin with a handpiece that is set at -10 degrees. Despite its freezing temperature, the lifting massage felt very comfortable.

After a 10 minute massage with the probe, my therapist used her hands to further massage the serum into my skin. This was followed by a cooling Hyaluronic Youth Mask and I was able to snooze for 20 minutes while the mask worked its magic.

Post-treatment, my skin looked radiant and felt taut. There was also nary any redness from the extraction. So ice, ice, baby, it’s good for you!



501 Orchard Road

#04-01 Wheelock Place

Singapore 238880

Tel: 6732 0836

Cost: $298 per session

Duration: 90 minutes

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