Review: MyMaha The Essential Greens

Start your day off right with MyMaha.

Start your day off right with MyMaha.

I start my day with a breakfast smoothie containing 15 different types of fruits, vegetables and super foods – every day! By doing that, I ensure that I get my day’s worth of nutrition and have peace of mind.

With this demanding diet schedule, holidays are both a boon and bane for me because I cannot possibly ship my entire fridge with me, yet my body craves this nutritious powerhouse smoothie (especially with the amount of junk food I usually indulge in when on holiday!). Enter MyMaha The Essential Greens – my saviour!

What is The Essential Greens:

Get your day's worth of nutrients in a single packet of MyMaha.

Get your day’s worth of nutrients in a single packet of MyMaha Essential Greens.

The Essential Greens is a green superfood powder developed by MyMaha’s nutraceutical firm in New York. Produced through a careful process that lightly dries organic fruits and vegetables so that it retains valuable nutrients and fiber, one serving of The Essential Greens contains 11 nutrient-dense ingredients like organic wheatgrass, raspberries, spinach and ginger. It contains no added chemical additives or artificial flavouring, and is designed to gently cleanse the body of unwanted toxins, boost energy levels and promote healthy digestion.

Taste test:

Despite its dark murky green colour, The Essential Greens actually taste rather pleasant with a slight sweetness to it. I had no problem downing the drink neat and can imagine it going well with my smoothies and cereals.


The Essential Greens comes in individual single-serving sized packets, making it convenient to carry around. Besides drinking it with water, it can be added to smoothies, protein shakes, even cocktails! Or, you can sprinkle it on top of foods like oatmeal, yogurt and salads for an added nutrient boost.

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