Sway With Ease

Sway with ease with Strala Yoga.

Sway with ease with Strala Yoga.

Strala yoga feels like a moving meditation and brings on stronger mind and body connection.

Apparently yoga can be stressful when done wrongly. Every time you force yourself into a pose, you release cortisol, a stress hormone instead of relaxing. Strala yoga aims to change all that with its gentle yet effective classes, which teaches your body to relax and move like water, fuelled by your breath.

Tara Stiles - founder of Strala Yoga.

Tara Stiles – founder of Strala Yoga.

Created by ex-model Tara Stiles, who is currently an ambassador for Reebok and W Hotels, Strala yoga incorporates lots of swaying when you are in the poses to ease the body, as well as positive and affirming words like “hug yourself” and “fill up the room with your breath”. Strala – which means to radiate light in Swedish, is said to help students create a radiantly strong, connected body and mind, and a healthy, happy and capable life.

The Strong class that I signed up for starts off slow with simple stretching poses. The poses are familiar but instead of holding them rigidly like I am used to, I sway and breathe under my instructor, Su’s clear directions, and flow steadily into a fast-paced Vinyasa-style class that had me dripping with sweat!

If you follow Tara Stiles on Instagram, you’ll see her doing handstands with ease and grace. I got a chance to experience the Strala method of getting into this challenging inversion pose by swaying and opening up my hips, instead of what I’m used to, which is to keep my hips in line and kicking up into a handstand. The latter does feel less intimidating as it allows your body to build up confidence gradually.

At the end of the 60-minute class, as I lay in my Savasana pose, Su came round and gently pressed my feet and elongated my neck, helping me to relax deeper. I have to admit – I am a convert! Swaying during yoga did make me feel more calm and connected to my body. So the next time you see me swaying from side to side, I’ve not lost my marbles, I’m just relaxing Strala-style!

Strala Yoga is at 36 Armenian Street #01-04 and #02-04, Singapore 179934. For more information, visit: http://stralayoga.com.sg.

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