Thermage FLX—Bootcamp For Your Skin

This new and improved machine will do all the heavy lifting to activate collagen, without you breaking into a sweat.

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Go away Father Time!

I’m 45 and have self-preserved as much as I can. I work out, swallow superfood smoothies, meditate on good thoughts, and apply sunblock and moisturiser diligently. Yet despite all my best efforts, I notice my face losing its firmness, eyelids drooping and the fine lines around my eyes becoming more pronounced—it’s getting more difficult to stave off ageing.


What causes skin to age?

While skin sagging is natural and to a certain extent, an unavoidable by-product of getting older, certain external factors can exacerbate the process. Stress, pollution, genetics, sun exposure, diet and exercise, can all speed up the sagginess. While there are several serums out there purported to lift and firm skin, I wanted faster and more effective results.

Excited to try Thermage FLX!

Excited to try Thermage FLX!

How Thermage works

Thermage uses RF energy to tighten and contour skin. This specialised technology allows a deeper penetration into the dermis and subcutaneous tissues to stimulate collagen, resulting in the tightening of the skin. The top-down heating approach of Thermage means it is also able to treat many superficial skin concerns like wrinkles, pores and texture.

The latest Thermage FLX features the new AccuREP technology which optimises radiofrequency delivery into your skin. This increase in precision and consistency means potentially better results than its predecessor, the CPT.  It also boosts a vibrating cryogen feature to distract patients from the heat.


Benefits of Thermage:

  • Skin tightening
  • Smoothening of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improved skin texture and pore size
  • Collagen production stimulated over time for longer-lasting results


Treatment process:

Getting two rounds of numbing cream before the procedure.

Getting two rounds of numbing cream before the procedure.

This youth renewal treatment starts off with a double cleansing of my face, followed by two rounds of numbing cream., which was left on for 30 minutes.

The new Thermage FLX is more precise and promises better results than its predecessor.

The new Thermage FLX is more precise and promises better results than its predecessor.

Dr Chua started the treatment process on my cheeks before moving on to my jawline. The pain was mostly tolerable but some parts like the jawline and the temples were more sensitive. I distracted myself by talking incessantly and taking deep yogic breaths. I was lucky that Dr Chua is an experienced practitioner who knew how to spread out the 900 shots evenly across my face to minimise my discomfort. The nurse in attendance patted me reassuringly throughout the procedure too.



Tadah! I wish, haha.

Tadah! I wish, haha.

The procedure was over in 90 minutes but to be honest, it felt much faster. My face had a nice rosy hue immediately post-treatment and felt a little sore.

Best results are expected after three months and effects can last up to two years—if you maintain it with a healthy lifestyle. As for me, I’m looking forward to the best Christmas present ever, a tighter and younger mien! Look out for my face updates then.

*It is important to note that results will vary with the individual. Age is an important factor that determines how long results can last. As a general rule of thumb, the older you are, the less responsive you’ll be to collagen-stimulating procedures such as Thermage.



Thermage for face and neck starts from $3500.


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