Your Skin’s Best Kept Secret

Get the best of both worlds with this advanced skin treatment.

Is Secret RF your skin's best kept secret?

Is Secret RF your skin’s best kept secret?

We all want skin this is taut, flawless and glowing and there are a plethora of anti-aging treatments that promise to give those effects. Popular ones include radiofrequency (RF) for lifting and tightening, lasers and microneedling to smoothen complexion and get rid of pigmentation and scars.

Now, there is Secret RF which combines the lifting effects of radiofrequency with the skin smoothening effects of microneedling – all at one go! This is a godsend for today’s busy, Instagram-obsessed world which demands that you look flawless (#nofilterneeded) while running the world!

“The Secret RF treatment combines the benefits of microneedling with RF energy to offer patients unprecedented results, both in the realm of skin rejuvenation and tightening, as well as in the treatment of stubborn acne scars and pigmentation such as melasma. The precisely controlled heat generated from the RF energy safely targets specific treatment areas, enhancing the effects of traditional microneedling without affecting the skin barrier, delivering better outcomes in a shorter time,” said Dr Ram Nath, Director, Aesthetic and Medical Services at The Wellness Clinic, which offers this revolutionary treatment.

Ok, time for some #selfcare!

Treatment process:

After double cleansing my face, my therapist applied a layer of numbing cream on it and ushered me to the relaxation lounge of The Wellness Clinic where I enjoyed 45 minutes of therapeutic massage on their OSIM chair.

Secret RF treatment at The Wellness Clinic

Secret RF treatment at The Wellness Clinic

Before starting the procedure, Dr Ram first examined my face, taking note of some slight acne scars on my cheeks where he will administer a deeper microneedling setting of 2.5mm. The microneedles felt like ant bites on my face and it was bearable. Dr Ram then switched to a setting of 1mm for overall skin rejuvenation. The Secret RF handpiece that he used features minimally invasive gold-plated microneedles that emit RF energy safely and precisely into the skin. I did not feel the heat from the RF, just the prickly sensation from the needles during the procedure. In fact, this handpiece is so safe that you can even use it around the delicate eye area to treat dark circles! After three passes over my face which took approximately 15 minutes, my treatment was complete and a healing serum applied before I left the clinic.

Post-treatment, my skin looked very flushed, like I had a bad sunburn. It calmed down considerably after a few hours leaving me with a rosy glow and my complexion felt very smooth. The next day, all the redness was gone and my skin looked rested and radiant. Over the next few days, I even had two people compliment me on my glowing skin. Maybe I’m born with it, maybe it’s Secret RF!


Cost: From $1200 per session


The Wellness Clinic is located at 501 Orchard Road, #04-01 Wheelock Place, Singapore 238880.

Tel: 6732 0812


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