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Get the best skin of your life with this pampering facial – no lasers needed!

Cute shopfront of Beaute By Kew.

Cute shopfront of Beaute By Kew.

If you enjoy massages, delicious smelling organic products and glowing, happy skin, you will love this facial. Created by Lily Kew – a 45-year-old beauty veteran who looks at least 10 years younger, she is the best endorsement for her treatments with her smooth and line-free face. Operating out of hipster enclave, Everton Park, Beaute By Kew, is cosy and quiet, immediately putting me at ease as I entered. Lily specialises in organic facials and carries two top brands from Australia – Yum and Black Chicken Remedies, and will customise a treatment for you after a skin consultation. She combines these products with her own anti-aging organic facial called Hyapeptide Anti-Aging Solutions, which combines three intensive techniques to wake up your skin’s natural regeneration and rejuvenation powers. This technology was created by a team of beauty professionals and scientists in Spain with over 40 years of technical experience in the beauty industry.

The ever-youthful Lily Kew

The ever-youthful Lily Kew

Treatment process:

Say ahhhhh...and lose yourself in their amazing massages.

Say ahhhhh…and lose yourself in their amazing massages.

To start the treatment, my therapist let me inhale a geranium-scented pillow and gave me a relaxing head and facial massage. This was followed by another facial massage using a warm towel compress also scented with geranium. If you’ve never had a warm towel compress massage in your life, I’d suggest that you pick up the phone and make an appointment pronto! It will change your life, I swear (#warmtowelcompressmassage4life)!

Next, my skin is prepped and softened with a gentle, yet active complex of fruit acids. The excessive dead cells are then micro-polished away using a patented technique known as Poly-Abrasion, touted as the latest and most gentle technology of microdermabrasion. Using specially formed abrasion crowns, it effectively removes the dead cells that have been loosened by the fruit acids in a soothing, brushing motion. A quick extraction was expertly carried out on my nose to scour even further, leaving me with squeaky-clean skin. A concoction of premium, bespoke organic serums and hyaluronic acid was then applied to my face followed by the most heavenly massage I’ve ever had (and I’ve had plenty!) to smoothen wrinkles and revive my skin to a more youthful state. Trust me, it took all of my willpower to fight sleep as I truly wanted to experience every minute of this divine massage – but eventually, the Z monster won and I was out.

I woke up to my therapist cleansing my face and this was when things turned prickly. In the third step of this anti-aging organic facial, a small micro-needling roller for collagen activation as well as rejuvenation and regeneration, was used to roll around my face with special focus on areas prone to wrinkles – like my undereyes and laugh lines. Lily believes that micro-needling reactivates skin functions and stimulates the skin’s own repair systems. It is FDA-approved, non-invasive and has no downtime. This next generation of skin needling uses needle heads that are micro-fine and created out of a medical grade polymer which does not traumatise, tear or scar skin. It actually felt like tiny ant bites and was much more bearable than it sounds. To finish off, a high performance-lifting mask infused with peptides was applied to leave my skin feeling fresh, firm and well hydrated. While I had the mask on, my therapist performed another divine upper body massage. At some point, I was even propped up by my therapist as she worked her magic on my back. Pure ecstasy!

Say hello to radiant and smooth skin!

Say hello to radiant and smooth skin!

At the end of this two-hour pampering session, my skin was as blissed out as I was. My skin tone looked more even and my pores less visible. My face was also glowing and taut. Lily was kind enough to offer two more treatments to me and I noted that the fine lines under my eyes were less obvious after the second session. I also received compliments from friends about my radiant and glowing complexion.

Just like your body, your face needs a proper workout and the right products to shine. Hyapeptide Anti-Aging Solutions is the “boot-camp” designed to give your skin a 100 percent workout in 50 percent of the time. Give it a try, your skin will thank you for it!

Beaute By Kew

Block 2 Everton Park

#01-47 Singapore 081002

For appointments & bookings, please call +65 6534 8255

Cost: $260 (Promotion: 50% off for new female customers 25 years and above. Valid till 29/2/2016)

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