Get Your Party Face On


This Anti Aging Facial will make you shine like a diamond at your year-end soirees.




Maybe there are more environmental stressors in the air now or maybe because of age, but I find that my skin tends to feel rough and dull more easily these days (sad face L). So, the Anti Aging Facial at The Wellness Clinic is a godsend – especially with the festive season looming in the horizon.




This facial is targeted at mature skin and promises to give your mien that instant moisture boost it so needs, while soothing irritated and tired-looking skin for a more fresh, radiant look. It is also said to stimulate collagen production while helping to smoothen out fine lines and wrinkles, and firm up the skin. I didn’t need anymore convincing and immediately booked an appointment for some much-needed TLC.

Treatment process:

My therapist started the facial by making me inhale soothing lavender essential oils followed by a quick acupressure massage on my neck, face and head. Bliss…After I was thoroughly relaxed, she began the microdermabrasion using a handpiece that had a light sucking effect all over my face to remove dead skin cells and debris. She did half my face first and upon inspection, I could see that the treated area was brighter and less patchy indeed!


After several passes with the handpiece, she applied a toning lotion and cleansed my face using an ultrasonic machine to prep it for extraction. My therapist was very detailed and scoured my every pore to remove those pesky blackheads and whiteheads. With my newly cleaned face, she then used the award-winning Transderm™ medical electroporation device to infuse the skin with a customised Anti-Aging serum. This had a slight prickly sensation but was tolerable. A premium Swiss Alginate face mask was then applied to provide deep hydration for smooth, soft, glowing skin.

My complexion looked fairer and was much smoother post-treatment. Despite the thorough extraction, there were no red marks and I looked ready for my close-up #nofilterneeded!

The Wellness Clinic:

#04-09 Camden Medical Centre

1 Orchard Boulevard

Singapore 248649

Tel: 6887 3073

Cost: $220 for 75 minutes

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