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If your hair texture is more “hay” than “yay”, Chez Vous’ hi-tech Trilogy Hair System may be your salvation.

Club or salon? Chez Vous' funky interiors

Club or salon? Chez Vous’ funky interiors.

Salon-worthy hair that is glossy, bouncy and manageable. Isn’t that what we all want? Yet, we are usually dealt with limp, frizzy hair – no thanks to our humid weather and just plain, hair neglect. Like many of you, I too, am guilty of only cutting and colouring my hair, not caring and treating it. The result? Stressed tresses that are in dire need of some TLC.

Salon-worthy hair? Yassss

Salon-worthy hair? Yassss

This is a common hair problem observed by cutting-edge hair salon, Chez Vous. That is why they have devised their Trilogy Hair System that promises to restore new life, inner strength, incredible shine and softness to your crowning glory. What’s more, you can even sculpt a bespoke look – whether it is straight or curled, that is as flattering as it is effortlessly manageable. Sure sounds like a hair dream come true!

Now, here’s the part where I get a bit technical. The Trilogy Hair System consists of three parts:

  1. Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder to repair hair from within. This 4-step treatment uses an ultrasonic infrared delivery system that enables three groups of active ingredients – bond rebuilder, amino acid blend and anti-breakage actives to penetrate deep into hair to repair, strengthen and protect. It basically acts like little minions which go into the hair to relink broken bonds at the cellular level, building walls around the bonds to buffer against external aggressors and refilling “holes” in damaged hair with amino acids to fortify hair.
  1. Resculpting Supreme for soft, manageable hair in any shape you desire. This is a 8-step all-in-one service to provide long-lasting transformation into softly sculpted hair that is naturally smooth, manageable and radiant. First, the stylist shapes hair to its desired form to highlight one’s facial features and suit one’s lifestyle needs; then hair is given a satin finish by lacing huge doses of pro-satin and anti-static ingredients; finally hair is refinished with total cuticle protection, restoration and fortification to boost shine, invigorate and fight against humidity (goodbye frizz!).
  1. Express Revitalizing Supreme, a lunchtime treatment which reportedly acts like a facial to de-age, hydrate and create glowing hair. This 5-step system taps into advanced skin care and infuses hair with hyaluronic acid, peptides, lactic acid, tamanu pol, elastin and ceramides – basically all the goodies that are in anti-wrinkle creams and face serums! This is an indulgent, nourishing hair therapy that your hair will thank you for!

Treatment process:

Achieve all your #hairgoals here.

Achieve all your #hairgoals here.

After settling into my comfortable salon chair – that comes with see-through curtains which can be drawn for more privacy, and a pot of customised floral tea, I began my four-hour pampering session.

What’s unique about Chez Vous is that all their stylists are hair directors with more than 10 years of industry experience so you can be sure that you’re in deft hands. Although Trilogy System consists of many steps, my stylists were extremely efficient as well as incredibly considerate, constantly checking that I was comfortable. The minutes and hours flew by as I entertained myself with magazines, social media (yay for their 5G network) and chit-chat.

At the end of the pampering session, all my hair kinks were ironed out and my hair was straight and lustrous. With proper maintenance using their recommended Kerasilk products, your new hair texture can last up to six months (or until your next chemical treatment). I can’t help but hear the Maybelline ad jingle in my head as I swished my glossy hair about. Maybe I’m born with it, maybe it’s Chez Vous!

Chez Vous

#05-05 Ngee Ann City Podium

391 Orchard Road

Singapore 238872

Tel: 6732 9388

Cost: Starting from $155 per session of the Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder, $375 for a session of the Resculpting Supreme and $185 for a session of the Express Revitalizing Supreme. A complete series of the Trilogy System is recommended for optimum results.


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